Rhino Portable Air Conditioner Error Codes

Never repair or remove parts of the air-conditioner yourself. Unauthorised repair will invalidate any warranty and may cause harm to personnel injury or damage. If you encounter any of the problems listed in the table below or the recommended remedy does not work, contact the sales outlet where you purchased the unit is recommended.

Display E1-Pipe temperature sensor failure-Refer to authorised repairer

Display E2-Room temperature sensor failure-Operation automatically restored when when unit has defrosted

Display E4-Anti-freeze protection-Restore the functions automatically once defrozen

Large noise-Air-conditioner not put on a flat surface-Put the air-conditioner on a flat and firm place (may reduce noise)

The compressor does not work-Initiation of overheat protection-Wait 3 minutes until the temperature decreases and then turn on the unit

Full water indicator illuminates-The water in the baseplate of the unit reaches the full water level-Drain the water in the baseplate.

*The air-conditioner does not work

No power-Connect the unit to a live socket and turn it on.
Full water indicator illuminates?Drain the water stored in the unit.
Ambient temperature too low?It is recommended that this unit be operated at 10-35˚C.
The room temperature is lower than the set temperature in the cooling mode.-Change the set temperature

*Bad cooling or heating effects

There is direct sunlight-Move unit into shaded area
The doors and windows are open, the room is crowded or there are other heat sources in the cooling mode-Close the door and window and add new air-conditioners.
Filter mesh very dirty-Clean or replace the filter mesh
Air inlet or air outlet clogged-Remove the obstruction

*The remote control does not work

Too long a distance

The remote control does not point toward the receiving head of the remote control

The batteries have no electricit

Bring the remote control close to the air-conditioner and ensure that the remote control points toward the receiving head of the remote control.

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