Samsung Whisper Wifi AC Error Codes

1. Check system when error occurs. – Refer to the service manual for error codes and troubleshooting.
2. Use the product after fixing error.

Samsung Whisper Wifi Air Conditioner Error Codes

E101, E121, E122,E123,E154,162,E163,E422,E554


Smart Install mode will end.

1) Smart Install mode will take approximately 7~13 minutes. (Actual time may be different depending on the model.)

2) When Installation is successful : Smart Install mode will end with ringing sound and the air conditioner will be in standby status.

(Error message will not be displayed on the indoor unit indicator and the remote controller and buttons on the indoor unit will work normally.)

3) When installation is not successful : Smart Install mode will end and error message will be displayed on the indoor unit display.

Smart Install mode in progress

t 88 Display : Progress will be diplayed from 0~99.

t LED Display : Indicator on the indoor unit display will blink in sequence and then all indicator lights will blink. (This will be repeated.)

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