Shinco Portable AC Troubleshooting

Don’t repair or disassemble the unit by yourself, unsuitable repair may make the quality-protected card in vain,
and even cause damage to the user or his/her possession.

Trouble:The unit doesn’t work
Reason:No power supply
Solution:Power-on and turn on the unit.
Reason:FL and Water-full indicator illuminate
Solution:Drain out the inner stored water
Reason:Timer function is active
Solution:Cancel Timer function
Reason:Room temperature too low or too high?
Solution:Suggesting ambient temperature between 7-35℃(44-95℉)

Trouble:The unit does not seem to perform
Reason:In direct sunlight
Solution:Draw the curtains
Reason:Windows or doors open, many people or a heat source in the room
Solution:Close windows and turn on another air conditioner
Reason:Filter is very dirty
Solution:Clean or change the air filter
Reason:Air inlet or air outlet is blocked
Solution:Clear out the stemming
Reason:Room temperature is lower than setting temperature
Solution:Change the setting temperature

Trouble:The unit noise is high
Reason:The unit is not put on flat place
Solution:Put the unit on flat and hard place( reduce noise)

Trouble:Compressor doesn’t work
Reason:Heat-exceeded protection is active
Solution:Re-start the unit 3 minutes later till the temperature low down.

Trouble:CH01 on LCD
Reason:Room temperature is abnormal
Solution:check room temperature sensor or relevant circuit

Trouble:CH01 on LCD
Reason:Coil temperature is abnormal
Solution:check coil temperature sensor or relevant circuit

Trouble:Remote control doesn’t work
*The distance is too far.
*Control panel hasn’t received the signal from remote control.
*Let the remote control near the unit and make sure it aims at the air-outlet grille
Reason:The batteries run out.
Solution:Change the batteries

Error Code Functions
E2 Room temperature sensor error
E3 Coil pipe sensor error
FL Water full status
Caution: When “df” is displayed, the air conditioner is in anti-freezing or defrosting
state, and this is a normal phenomenon.

If the solutions above don’t function for the troubles, please contact with special service agent for help.

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