Toshiba Carrier Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

If any of the following conditions occur, turn off the circuit breaker and immediately contact the dealer:

• The operation lamps flash at short intervals (5 Hz) even though you have tried turning off the power supply and turning on again after 2 or 3 minutes.
• Switch operation does not work properly.
• The main power fuse often blows out, or the circuit breaker is often activated.
• A foreign matter or water fall inside the air conditioner.
• When the air conditioner does not operate even after the cause of the protective device activation has been removed.
(The operation lamp and on the remote control are flashing.)
• Any other unusual conditions are observed.

Before you ask for servicing or repairs, check the following points.
• The circuit breaker is turned off.
• The circuit breaker is activated to cut off power supply.
• The main power fuse has blown out.
• The louvers are not directed correctly.
Does not cool well or heat well
• The air inlet and/or outlet of the outdoor unit is blocked.
• Doors or windows are opened.
• The fan speed is set to low.
• The air conditioner is set in the DRY mode in cooling.
• The set temperature is too high (In cooling) or low (In heating).
These are not malfunction.
Indoor unit or outdoor unit makes a strange noise.
• When the temperature suddenly changes, the indoor or outdoor unit occasionally makes a strange noise
because of expansion/ contraction of parts or change of refrigerant flow.
• Air leaking sound is heard occasionally.
It is generated by the solenoid valve when it is actuated.
• A clattering sound is heard when the power is turned on.
It is generated by the outdoor unit during preparation for operation.
The room air is smelly or a bad odor comes from the air conditioner.
• Smells impregnated in the walls‚ carpets, furniture, clothing, or furs, come out

Outdoor unit is frosted in heating operation.
Water drains from outdoor unit.
• The outdoor unit is sometimes frosted in heating operation.
In that case, the unit automatically performs defrosting (for 2 – 10 minutes) for increasing the heating efficiency.
• In defrosting operation, both the indoor and outdoor units stop air flow.
• Hiss sound is heard when flow of the refrigerant is changed for defrosting.
• Resultant water of automatic defrosting in heating operation drains from outdoor unit.
The fan does not stop when the operation is stopped.
• The fan runs in the self cleaning mode to dry the heat exchanger.
Air flow changes though the FAN button is not set to the AUTO mode.
• When the temperature of blown air drops in heating operation, the air conditioner automatically changes or stops
air flow from the indoor unit not to make persons in the room feel chilly.
• Air flow from the indoor unit is occasionally changed in the cooling operation.

A white mist of chilled air or water is generated from the outdoor unit.
• When the indoor unit in cooling operation or the outdoor unit in defrosting operation occasionally steams.
Protective device
• The protective device stops operation when the air conditioner is overloaded.
• When the protective device is activated, the current operation stops and the operation lamp and on the
remote control flash.
When the protective device is activated
• When the protective device has been activated and stopped operation, turn off the circuit breaker immediately,
and ask the installer to find the cause.
If the air conditioner is operated without fixing the problem, the air conditioner may malfunction.
• Check whether the air filters are installed.
If the air filters are not installed, the air coil may be clogged with dust, which may result in water leakage.

• When the air inlet and/or outlet of the outdoor unit are blocked
• When the air outlet of the outdoor unit is continuously exposed to strong wind
• When the air filters are clogged with too much dust or dirt
• When the suction port and/or discharge port of the indoor unit are blocked

Do not turn off the circuit breaker
Do not turn off the circuit breaker during a test run of the air conditioner. Use the ON/OFF button on the air
conditioner instead to control the power.

Contact a qualified dealer or contractor if the system is not operating properly or any of the following occurs:
• On board safety control stops the system. When this happens the operation lamp and on the remote control are
• When a diagnostic code is displayed on the wired remote control.
Make a note of the error code and inform the dealer or cotractor.

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