Trane VRF Error Codes

If an error occurs, one of more of the LEDs on the display (see “Components” for their location) will flicker.

As a protection strategy, the unit stops operating (and the LED turns off). If the unit is turned on before the problem is resolved, the LED will resume flickering and the unit will stop operating again.

4-Way Cassette-Indoor

1-Way Cassette-Indoor

Mini-4-Way Cassette-Indoor

Convertible Ceiling-Floor-Indoor

High Wall-Indoor

Big Duct-Indoor

Slim, MSP, and HSP Duct-Indoor



 Variable Refrigerant Volume 

E121- Indoor temperature sensor error (shorted or open)

E122- Evap-in sensor error (shorted or open)

E123- Evap-out sensor error (shorted or open)

E126- Discharge sensor error (shorted or open)

E154- Indoor fan error

E221- Outdoor temperature sensor error (shorted or open)

E237- Condenser sensor error (shorted or open)

E251- Discharge sensor error

E101- No communication between indoor and outdoor units for 2 minutes

E102- Communication error received from outdoor unit

E202- 3-minute tracking error on outdoor unit

E201- Communication error after tracking due to non-matching quantity of installed indoor units

E108- Error due to repeated communication address

E109- Communication address not confirmed

E151- Error due to opened EEV (2nd detection)

E152- Error due to closed EEV (2nd detection)

E128- Evap-in sensor is loose

E129- Evap-out sensor is loose

E198- Thermal switch error (open)

E241- Condenser mid-sensor is loose

E554- Refrigerant leakage (2nd detection)

E450- Abnormally high temperature on condenser (2nd detection)

E451- Low pressure switch (2nd detection)

E416- Abnormally high discharge air temperature on outdoor unit (2nd detection)

E559- Indoor unit operation stopped due to unconfirmed error on outdoor unit

E425- Reverse phase detection error

E403- Compressor operation stop due to freeze detection(6th detection)

E301- High pressure sensor is loose

E306- Low pressure sensor is loose

E428- Outdoor unit compression ratio error

E413- Outdoor sump down_1 prevention control

E410- Compressor operation stopped due to low pressure sensor prevention control

E180- Simultaneous opening of cooling/heating MCU solenoid valve (1sst detection)

E181- Simultaneous opening of cooling/heating MCU solenoid valve (2nd detection)

E153- Float switch (2nd detection)

E162- EEPROM error

E163- EEPROM option error

E164- Incompatible indoor unit error

Trane VRF 4-Way Cassette Indoor Unit MANUAL

7 Responses to Trane VRF Error Codes

  1. Christiaan says:

    Vrv unit runs on heating and looling units on heating stops and despleys 0a units on cooling continues opperating with no errors , no errors on outdoor.

  2. akram khan says:

    Dear trane
    I want know about ed code showing in my indoor unit, what’s the problem please give a reply

  3. Julio says:

    My unit give me P4

  4. Paulo says:

    Erro no evaporador Ed
    Em todod o sistema evap cossete

  5. Annette McDevitt says:

    Have thermostat error code of 108–what does this mean?

  6. Jerzy Zylkiewicz says:

    Good afternoon. Thx for the number and described the error number .but I need know how I can reset the problem and wye eeprom software no have button for reset .pleas help with this question

  7. Jerzy Zylkiewicz says:

    This error is e163 option

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