Black and Decker AC Error Codes – How To Solve

Black and Decker Inc. is a US-based manufacturer of power tools, home improvement products, power tool accessories, home appliances, fastening systems, and other related appliances. Currently settled in Towson Maryland, the USA the company was established in 1910. However, the company was acquired by Stanley Works in 2010 and became Stanley Black and Decker. While the company still manufactures under its original name it has seen a great change.

Back in the day, the company was a small machine shop in Baltimore that worked its way to the top. Over the passage of time the company grew out of Baltimore and started offering its products to consumers all around the USA. pushing through to the International market where they became one of the best Fortune 500 companies in the world.

When facing an error code we suggest you grab a pen and paper to note down the code rather than pressing various buttons on your Black and Decker portable AC. This way you will not risk damaging your appliance any further and will be able to find out the exact issue using the common error code list for Black and Decker Portable AC error codes listed below. Once you nail down the issue you can easily call in a professional, or fix the issue yourself.

Error Messages

Error CodesMeaning
LEIf you displayed LE, Low Temperature (frost prevention) The appliance is fitted with a frost protection device to avoid excessive formation of ice. The appliance start up again automatically when the defrosting process is completed.
PFIf you displayed PF, Probe Failure (sensor damaged) If this is displayed, contact your local authorised service centre.
FEIf you displayed FE, Full Tank (safety tank full) Empty the internal safety tank, following the instructions in the ''End of season operations'' paragraph.

Remote Control

Black and Decker Portable AC Remote Control
Black and Decker Portable AC Remote Control


Troubleshoot your problem by using the chart below. If the air conditioner still does not work properly, contact W Appliance Co. customer service center or the nearest authorized service center. Customers must never troubleshoot internal components.

Trouble: Unit does not start when pressing ON/OFF button

Possible Cause:

  1. FT appears in the display window
  2. Room temperature is lower than set temperature (cooling mode)

Possible Remedy:

  1. Drain the water in the bottom tray
  2. Reset the temperature
Black and Decker Portable AC Control Panel
Black and Decker Portable AC Control Panel

Trouble: Not cool enough

Possible Cause:

  1. The windows or doors in the room are not closed
  2. There are heat sources inside the room
  3. Exhaust air duct is not connected or blocked
  4. Temperature setting is too high
  5. Air filter is blocked by dust
  6. The unit will take approx 3 minutes of operation before cooling/heating occurs.

Possible Remedy:

  1. Make sure all the windows and doors are closed
  2. Remove the heat sources if possible
  3. Connect the duct and make sure it can function properly
  4. Decrease the set temperature
  5. Clean the air filter
  6. A mircoprocessor control delays the compressor from operating until 3 mins have passed.

Trouble: Noisy or vibration

Possible Cause: The surface is not level or not flat enough

Possible Remedy: Place the unit on a flat, level surface if possible

Trouble: Gurgling sound

Possible Cause: The sound comes from the flowing of the refrigerant inside the air-conditioner

Possible Remedy: It is normal

Trouble: Unit stops operating

Possible Cause: LT appears in display window

Possible Remedy: Unit is in defrost mode and will restart automatically once excess frost has been removed.

Black and Decker Portable AC Troubleshooting
Black and Decker Portable AC Troubleshooting

Water Drainage Method

This air conditioner is equipped with the very latest MIST technology which means the water tank nearly never fills, hence water drainage will generally only be required at the end of the season (see START-END OF SEASON OPERATIONS in page 19. However the MIST technology does not operate when the unit is in HEAT mode. Thus the tank may still require emptying in HEAT mode.

NOTE: As a safety measure to positively prevent water spillage the air conditioner is equipped with a fail safe device if the water tank fills. The unit will completely stop, the control panel displays ft (FULL TANK) as mentioned on SELF DIAGNOSIS in page 17. The compressor and fan will not restart until the tank has been drained.

Cleaning The Filters

To keep your air conditioner working efficiently, you should clean the filters every week of operation. The evaporator filter can be removed as shown in Fig. 12.

Black and Decker Portable AC - Cleaning The Filters
Black and Decker Portable AC – Cleaning The Filters

The condenser filter is two pieces.

  • STEP 1: Take out one filter as shown in Fig. 13.
  • STEP 2: Take out other filter as shown in Fig. 14 and Fig. 15.

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust accumulations from the filters. If it is very dirty, immerse in warm water and rinse a number of times. The water should be luke warm. After washing, leave the filters to dry then re-insert.

Parts Meaning

Black and Decker Portable AC Parts Meaning
Black and Decker Portable AC Parts Meaning


Black and Decker Portable AC Manual PDF

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  1. hi I have a black and decker portable unit and the a/c stops cooling and gives me a code E2 ,I already clean it and drained it but it keeps on happening.

  2. E3 usually means you need to drain the water out from the back.

    I just got a new one today because of how cold it is in California this morning

  3. Hello Helper, and please advise….!

    I have the black and decker portable air condition with heater. I put it on heat mode. It worked for three hours, then, the E34 error code appearing on the control screen penal and the machine stop working. This black and decker portable air condition with heater just 1 day old.

  4. I have the black and decker portable heat pump and I put it on heat for the 1st time and I keep getting a E3 error code. I can’t find what that is and this thi g is less than 3 mo ths old


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