JHS Portable AC Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Trouble Shooting

Please contact professional serviceman without delay in following situation

Trouble: Machine cannot work


  1. Power off
  2. water-full indicator turns on


  1. Power on
  2. Drain water out
JHS Portable AC Error Codes and Troubleshooting
JHS Portable AC Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Trouble: Machine auto-restarts frequently


  1. Direct sunlight
  2. Door and windows are open , many heat sources in the room
  3. Filters are too dirty
  4. Air-inlet or air out-let is blocked


  1. Draw the curtains
  2. Close the door and windows, move out heat sources
  3. Clean or replace filters
  4. Remove blockage

Trouble: Too noisy

Cause: Machine is not put on flat ground.

Solution: Place it on flat and solid ground, avoiding shaking

Trouble: Compressor cannot work

Cause: Compressor time-delay protection turns on

Solution: Wait for 3 minutes, then restart the machine after temperature reduces .

Note: when abnormal situations are occurred, turn off machine and pull out plug, then contact with professional electrician for help .

Water Drainage ( WF Error Code)

JHS Portable Air Conditioner Water Drainage WF Error Code Meaning
JHS Portable Air Conditioner Water Drainage WF Error Code Meaning

This machine with auto-water-evaporating system. Condensed-water cycle to cool down the condenser, which will not only improve cooling efficiency, but also save energy.

  • If inner water tank is full, “W.F” indicator will flashed on the screen , 8 seconds later machine enter into standby mode, buzzer shouts , compressor stops and all keys is invalid till machine recovers to be normal .
  • Pull out the plug to drain out water, power off the machine and restart it , the machine will runs normally

Special caution for heating mode

When heating mode works, if don’t want to empty the water-tank under this mode, please connect a water-drainage-pipe to remove the water out continuously.

  1. Remove the drain knob
  2. Remove the rubber plug and keep it for future use
  3. Fix the drain connector into the drain knob.
  4. Fix the drain knob to the water-outlet of the unit.
  5. Connect one end of the drain pipe (ID:10mm) into the water outlet as following and put the other end into a water-container.

Note: The water-container must be at or lower the outlet level.


JHS Portable Air Conditioner Remote Control
JHS Portable Air Conditioner Remote Control


  • Please pull out plug before cleaning.
  • Use soft semi-dry cloth to clean the machine. Don’t use chemical agents, such as benzene, alcohol, gasoline and so on ; otherwise the machine surface will be damaged, or even the machine itself.
  • Don’t spatter water into the machine .


  • Clean the filters every two weeks, if filters are blocked by dust, machine efficiency will be reduced .
  • Clean the filters in warm water with neutral detergent, then dry the cleaned filters on a shady place.

Note: Don’t run the machine without filters.

JHS Portable Air Conditioner Control Panel
JHS Portable Air Conditioner Control Panel

Season Cleaning

If the machine will be unused for a long time, please do as following :

  • Pull out drainage plug upper / lower to flow out water.
  • Let the machine runs under fan mode for 2 hours to dry out the machine internal
  • Turn off machine and pull out plug .
  • Clean and dry filters , then reinstall them .
  • Pull out exhaust pipe for safekeeping .
  • Put the machine into plastic bag , and place it on a dry place.

JHS Portable AC Manual PDF


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