Marq By Flipkart AC Error Codes List With Fixes

Many people choose Marq air conditioners to meet their climate control needs in their homes, offices, or other spaces. Marq air conditioners are known for their advanced technologies and user-friendly features. However, like any device, Marq air conditioners may occasionally experience technical issues.

Error signals on the display, In case of error, the display on the indoor unit shown the following error codes.

Codes List

Error codesSolutions
EEIndoor machine EE fault
E1Indoor fan fault
E2Indoor fan zero-crossing detection abnormal
E3Indoor coil fault and sensor fault
E4Indoor ambient temperature sensor fault
E0Outdoor EE fault
E6Indoor and outdoor machine communication fault
E7Main board and driver board communication fault
F1Compressor starting abnormal (phase failure, reverse)
F2Compressor out-of-step fault
F3IPM module fault
F4Compressor shell roof fault / protection
F5Exhaust temperature sensor fault
F6Suction temperature sensor fault
F7Outdoor coil temperature sensor fault
F8Outdoor ambient temperature sensor fault
F9Outdoor DC fan fault


Marq By Flipkart Air Conditioner Maintenance
Marq By Flipkart Air Conditioner Maintenance

Periodic maintenance is essential for keeping your air conditioner efficient. Before carrying out any maintenance, disconnect the power supply by taking the plug out from the socket.

Indoor Unit

Anti-Dust Filters:

  1. Open the front panel following the direction of the arrow.
  2. Keeping the front panel raised with one hand, take out the air filter with the other hand.
  3. Clean the filter with water; if the filter is soiled with oil, it can be washed with warm water (not exceeding 45°C). Leave to dry in a cool and dry place.
  4. Keeping the front panel raised with one hand, insert the air filter with the other hand.
  5. Close.

The electrostatic and the deodorant filter (if installed) cannot be washed or regenerated and must be replaced with new filters after every 6 months.

Cleaning the Heat Exchanger:

  1. Open the front panel of the unit and life it till its greatest stroke and then unhooking it from the hinges to make the cleaning easier.
  2. Clean the indoor unit using a cloth with the water ( not higher than 40°C) and neutral soap. Never use aggressive solvents or detergents.
  3. lf the outdoor unit is clogged, remove the leaves and the waste and remove the dust with air jet or a bit of water.

Remote Control

Marq By Flipkart Air Conditioner Remote Control
Marq By Flipkart Air Conditioner Remote Control


MalfunctionPossible Causes
The appliance does not operatePower failure/plug pulled out.
Damaged indoor/outdoor unit fan motor.
Faulty compressor thermo-magnetic circuit breaker.
Faulty protective device or fuses.
Loose connections or plug pulled out.
It sometimes stops operating to protect the appliance.
Voltage higher or lower than the voltage range.
Active TIMER-ON function.
Damaged electronic control board.
Strange odourAir filter dirty.
Noise of running waterBack flow of liquid in the refrigerant circulation.
Afine mist comes from the air outletThis occurs when the air in the room becomes very cold, for example in the “COOLING” or “DEHUMIDIFYING/DRY” modes.
Astrange noise can be heardThis noise is made by the expansion or contraction of the front panel due to variations in temperature and does not indicate a problem.
Insufficient airflow, either hot or coldInappropriate temperature setting.
Air inlet or outlet of indoor or outdoor unit has been blocked.
Air filter is blocked.
Fan speed set at minimum.
Other sources of heat in the room.
No refrigerant.
The appliance does not respond to commandsRemote control is not near enough to indoor unit.
Battery in Remote controller may have been exhausted.
Obstacles between remote control and signal receiver in indoor unit.
The display is offActive LED function.
Power failure.

Switch off the air conditioner immediately and cut off the power supply in the event of:

  • Strange noises during operation.
  • Faulty electronic control board.
  • Faulty fuses or switches.
  • Spraying water or objects inside the appliance.
  • Overheated cables or plugs.
  • Very strong smells coming from the appliance.
Emergency Function,Auto-Restart Function
Emergency Function and Auto-Restart Function

Emergency Function: If the remote controller is lost or damaged, please use auxiliary button to tum on or tum off the air conditioner. The operation in details are as below: As shown in the fig. open panel, press aux. button to turn on or turn off the air conditioner. When the air conditioner is turned on, it will operate under auto mode. Warning: Use insulated object to press the aux. bution.

Auto-Restart Function: The appliance is equipped with Auto-Restart function by the manufacturer. In case of a power failure, the module memorizes the setting conditions before the power failure. When the power is restored, the unit restarts automatically with all the previous settings preserved by the memory function.

To deactivate the AUTO-RESTART function, proceed as follows:

  1. Switch the air conditioner off and plug it off.
  2. Press the emergency button and plug in the appliance.
  3. Long press the emergency button for more than 10 seconds until you hear four short beeps from the unit. The AUTO-RESTART function is deactivated.

To activate the AUTO – RESTART function, follow the same procedure until you hear three short beeps from the unit.


Marq By Flipkart Air Conditioner Manual PDF

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      To accurately diagnose and troubleshoot the 32 error code on your Marq air conditioner, I recommend referring to the user manual or contacting Marq customer support directly. They will be able to provide you with the correct information and guidance to resolve the issue with your air conditioner. Customer Care: 08046609211

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