Toshiba AC Error Codes List With Fixes

Toshiba Corporation commonly referred to as Toshiba is a Japanese multinational conglomerate with headquarters in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Offering consumers diverse products the company has been able to get a firm grasp on major industries in the world. Working on power industries, system elevators and escalators, semiconductors, hard disk drives, electronic components, lighting, batteries, printers, quantum cryptography, and so much more.

In order to manage its interests, the company has broken down into personal computers, consumer electronics, home appliances, medical equipment, and so on. Making sure every single industry is well covered and offers a wide selection of products all based on market research and consumer needs.

There is a time in your life when the most reliable appliance you have starts to show an error. While it might be a dark day, fortunately for you there is a simple solution for most error codes. To help you out we have accumulated a complete list of the Toshiba air conditioner error codes. Offering you a chance to find out exactly what is wrong with your appliance, so you can finally make a decision. Rather than fighting with the appliance, or spending endless money on the repair, we suggest you first find the problem and then look for a solution.

Codes List

  • E01: No communication between remote controller and indoor unit.
  • E02: Local controller failure – unable to transmit.
  • E03: Master indoor unit receives no data to A-B.
  • E04: Indoor unit (except twin slave) receives no communications from outdoor unit; can also include klixon on discharge pipe of outdoor unit.
  • E08: Duplicated indoor unit address.
  • E09: 2 local controllers connected on a group – both configured as masters.
  • E10: Indoor unit PSB failure.
  • E18: Communications failure between master indoor unit and slave indoor unit or units.
  • F01: Indoor unit TCJ (Liquid) sensor error (Open or Closed circuit resistance is measured in kΩ.
  • F02: Indoor unit TC2 (Vapour) sensor error (Open or Closed circuit – resistance is measured in kΩ.
  • F04: Outdoor unit TD (Discharge) sensor error (Open or Closed circuit – resistance is measured in kΩ.
  • F06: Outdoor unit TE (Coil) sensor error (Open or Closed circuit – resistance is emasured in kΩ.
  • F08: Outdoor unit TO (Ambient) sensor error (Open or Closed circuit – resistance is measured in kΩ.
  • F10: Indoor unit TA (Return Air) sensor error ) Open or Closed circuit – resistance is measure in kΩ.
  • F29: Indoor unit PCB failure.
  • H01: Outdoor unit inverter compressor over current detected.
  • H02: Master outdoor unit over current detected shortly after start up.
  • H03: Current detected on Master outdoor unit whilst idle.
  • H06: Outdoor unit Low pressure detected by Ps sensor (0.2 bar -n 2.9 psig).
  • L03: Indoor unit Duplicated master indoor units in a group.
  • L07: Indoor unit in a group of units previously addressed as a single unit – check addressing.
  • L08: Indoor units addresses not set – check addressing.
  • L09: Indoor units capacity not set (check DN Code 11).
  • L29: Outdoor unit IPDU error (Number of detected IPDU units is reduced).
  • L30: Input on indoor PCB CN80 circuit for 1 minute.
  • L31: Outdoor unit PCB error.
  • P01: Indoor unit fan motor error.
  • P03: Outdoor unit high discharge temperature (TD1 exceeded 115°C).
  • P04: Outdoor unit high pressure switch activated (Detected by high temperature on TE sensor on digital/super digital inverter units).
  • P07: Outdoor unit PCB heat sink overheated (Temperature over 90°C recorded).
  • P10: Indoor unit Float switch activated.
  • P12: Indoor unit fan motor error – detected by feedback circuit.
  • P19: Wrong change in temperature recorded (4 way valve error).
  • P22: Outdoor unit fan motor IPDU error.
  • P26: Outdoor unit giant transistor short circuit.
  • P29: Outdoor unit Compressor error detected by feedback circuit.
  • P30: Indoor unit Group control follower unit error / duplicated central control addresses.
  • P31: Indoor unit PCB error.
  • C05: Central control Sending error in TCC-Link central control device.
  • C06: Central control Receive error in TCC-Link central control device.
  • C12: Batch alarm for general purpose equipment interface.

Remote Control Display Meaning

Toshiba Air Conditioner Remote Control Display Meaning
Toshiba AC Remote Control Display Meaning

Indoor Unit Codes

Error CodesCause
E03No communication from remote controller (including wireless) and communication adapter
E04The serial signal is not output from outdoor unit to indoor unit. Miswiring of inter-unit wire. Defective serial sending circuit on outdoor P.C. board. Defective serial receiving circuit on indoor P.C. board.
E08Duplicated indoor unit address
L03Duplicated indoor master unit
L07There is group wire in individual indoor unit.
L08Unset indoor group address
L09Unset indoor capacity
L30Abnormal input of outside interlock
P10Float switch operation. Float circuit, Disconnection, Coming-off, Float switch contact error
P12Indoor DC fan error
P194-way valve system error.
P31Own unit stops while warning is output to other indoor units.
Coming-off, disconnection or short of indoor heat exchanger temp. sensor (TCJ)
F02Coming-off, disconnection or short of indoor heat exchanger temp. sensor (TC)
F10Coming-off, disconnection or short of indoor heat exchanger temp. sensor (TA)
F29Indoor EEPROM error. Check indoor P.C. board.
E10Communication error between indoor MCU
E11Communication error between Application and indoor unit
E18Regular communication error between indoor master and follower units and between main and sub units

Outdoor Unit Codes

Toshiba air conditioner outdoor unit codes
Toshiba Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit Codes
Error CodesMeaning
F04Disconnection, short of discharge temp. sensor (TD)
F06Disconnection, short of heat exchanger temp. sensor (TE)
F07Disconnection, short of heat exchanger temp. sensor (TL)
F12Disconnection, short of suction temp. sensor (TS)
F15Miss-mounting of outdoor temp. sensor (TE, TS)
F08Disconnection, short of outside air temp. sensor (TO)
F13Disconnection, short of heat sink temp. sensor (TH)
F31Outdoor EEPROM error
L10Unset model type of service P.C. board
P07Heat sink overheat error
P15Detection of gas leak
P194-way valve inverse error
H01Compressor break down
H02Compressor lock
H03Current detection circuit error
H04Case thermostat operation. Abnormal overheat of compressor
P03Discharge temp. error
P04High pressure SW system error
P05Power supply voltage error
P20High pressure protective operation
P22Outdoor fan system error
P26Short-circuit error of compressor driving element
P29Position detection circuit error

Multi VRF Codes

Toshiba Multi VRF AC Error Codes
Toshiba Multi VRF AC Codes
Error CodesCause
E06Decrease of number of indoor units
E07Indoor/Outdoor communication circuit error
E08Duplication of indoor addresses
E12Automatic address start error
E15Indoor is nothing during automatic addressing
E16Capacity over / Number of connected indoor units
E19Number of header outdoor units error
E20Other line connected during automatic addressing
E23Sending error between outdoor units communication
E25Duplicated follower outdoor address setup
E26Decrease of connected outdoor units
E28Follower outdoor unit error
E31IPDU communication error
F04TD1 sensor error
F05TD2 sensor error
F06TE1 sensor error
F07TL sensor error
F08TO sensor error
F12TS1 sensor error
F13TH sensor error
F15Outdoor temp. sensor miswiring (TE, TL)
F16Outdoor pressure sensor miswiring (Pd, Ps)
F23Ps sensor error
F24Pd sensor error
F31Outdoor EEPROM error
H01Compressor breakdown
H02Magnet switch error
H03Current detective circuit system error
H04Compressor 1 case thermo operation
H06Low-pressure protective operation
H07Oil level down detection protection
H08Temp sensor error for oil level detection
H14Compressor 2 case thermo operation
H16Magnet switch error
L04Outdoor system address duplicated
L06Duplication of indoor units with priority
L08Indoor group/Address unset
L10Outdoor capacity unset
L28Outdoor connected quantity over
L29IPDU quantity error
L30External interlock of indoor unit
L31Extended I/C error
P03Discharge temp TD1 error
P04High-pressure SW system operation
P05Phase missing detection / Phase order error
P07Heat sink overheat error
P10Indoor overflow error
P13Outdoor liquid back detection error
P15Gas leak detection
P17Discharge temp. TD2 error
P194-way valve inverse error
P20High-pressure protective operation
P22Outdoor fan IPDU error
P26IGBT short protection error
P29Compressor position detective circuit system error
Toshiba multi system air conditioner error codes
Toshiba Multi System Aircon Codes

Portable AC Codes

Toshiba Portable AC Error Codes
Toshiba Portable AC Codes

Shows Error codes and Protection Codes:

  • E1 – Room temperature sensor error.
  • E2 – Evaporator temperature sensor error.
  • E3 – Condenser temperature sensor error (select models).
  • E4 – Display panel communication error.
  • P1 – Bottom tray is full – Connect the drain hose and drain the collected water away.If protection code repeats, call for service.

Timer and Operation Light Flashing

Toshiba timer and Operation light flashing
Toshiba timer and Operation light flashing
Operation of Display Lamp Brightness Adjustment
Operation of Display Lamp Brightness Adjustment

Wiring Diagram

Toshiba AC Wiring Diagram RAS-B10N3KV2-E1 RAS-10N3AV2-E1
Toshiba AC Wiring Diagram RAS-B10N3KV2

Manuals Pdf

Installation Manual

Wall Type Air Conditioning Manual

Super Heat Recovery Multi Type Service Manual

Super Modular Multi AC Service Manual

Self-Diagnosis by Remote Controller (Check Code)


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