Carrier Split Air Conditioner Error Codes

The printed circuit boards existing inside the indoor unit are equipped with self-diagnostic function to detect malfunction and automatically stops the operation at the air conditioner after blinking of power or timer led as per malfunction.


☆ 1 time E0 Indoor unit EEPROM parameter error☆

☆ 2 times E1 Indoor / outdoor units communication error

☆ 4 times E3 Indoor fan speed has been out of control

☆ 5 times E4 Indoor room temperature sensor T1 open circuit or shortcircuit

☆ 6 times E5 Evaporator  coil  temperature  sensor  T2  open  circuit  or short circuit

☆ 7 times ECR efrigerant Leakage Detection

☆ 2 times F1Outdoor  ambient  temperature  sensor  T4  open  circuit  or short circuit

☆ 3 times F2 Condenser  coil  temperature  sensor  T3  open  circuit  or short circuit

☆ 4 times F3 Compressor   discharge   temperature   sensor   T5   open circuit or short circuit

☆ 5 times F4 Outdoor unit EEPROM parameter error

☆ 6 times F5 Outdoor fan speed has been out of control☆ 1 timesP0IPM malfunction or IGBT over-strong current protection

☆ 2 times P1 Over voltage or over low voltage protection

☆ 3 times P2 High temperature protection of compressor top diagnosis and solution(only for 9k,12k models)

☆ 5 times P4 Inverter compressor drive error





 Carrier Split Air Conditioner Manual 1

Carrier Split Air Conditioner Manual 2

Carrier Split Air Conditioner Manual 3

103 Responses to Carrier Split Air Conditioner Error Codes

  1. jagdish bisht says:

    ac errier code

  2. alfie says:

    What is the problem of outdoor unit compressor and fan are not working?

    • Luz Bantad says:

      I have a split type carrier air conditioner and every time I turned it on after a while the unit displays temperature turned to EC what is the problem?

      • Krıshna says:

        please send how to solve ec error ,out door not workıng

      • engrburns says:

        try changing compressor capacitor… it might help

      • ibrahim khan says:

        Wath parbalm plize tell me I am confuz

      • dino says:

        check gas pressure and recharge

      • Ec code says:

        I had the same problem. I found a relay that carrier used for my mini split system is made in China. It’s a very cheap relay. It activates the condenser and with the usage it would get stuck and it will not open when satisfy and it will keep the compressor running until it builds pressure and it causes an error on the board. I replaced the relay with the exact same one. I found it on the internet it came from China and so far it’s been working fine. If it goes bad again i will replace it with a heavier duty relay.

      • Joe says:

        I had the same problem. I found a relay that carrier used for my mini split system is made in China. It’s a very cheap relay. It activates the condenser and with the usage it would get stuck and it will not open when satisfy and it will keep the compressor running until it builds pressure and it causes an error on the board. I replaced the relay with the exact same one. I found it on the internet it came from China and so far it’s been working fine. If it goes bad again i will replace it with a heavier duty relay.

      • RB Shah says:

        Carrier make wall mounted split AC of 2.0 TR capacity (under warranty) is showing error code EC. What is its meaning and what may be the defects. Please reply

      • Alizer Collante says:

        My aircon when I turn on after a while turn it off it comes out the sign EC what a gonna do for this problem

    • Ali says:

      Power failure check outdoor power cord

    • Shaikh shabir says:

      problrm is 60 minits rannig tu camplit bt 60 minetsh Agen tempreuchr lo way

  3. K.P.Singh says:

    my split ac problem is …while start a.c. only room indoor sysytem star ..compressor not star..after some time the display shows EC..and the voltage of elect.250+ and on remote display set temp.whts the problem

  4. Ragheed says:

    Please till me what p12 means in air condition split unit model number 42QFJ036733

  5. manpreet singh says:

    i have carrier superia split ac which show EC after turn on the unit. please reply me as soon as possible.

  6. atique Qureshi says:

    Torr a.c code e6

  7. Mohammad shariq says:

    Carrier split ac superia Code displayed
    CL on ac what is cl

  8. Johan Smit says:

    My Aircon LUV035H stopped and show a E5 fault.
    What can that be? It was installed on Friday. Not even use it for an hour.
    I am in Kimberley and it was installed by Kimfire

  9. GOKUL nandakumar says:

    My carrier a.c. shows error CL at the time of starting and afterwards if goes off..but condensation water falls in to my room.
    kindly advise

  10. Salunkhe Raju says:

    I have Carrier split A/C Novello model their is EC error what the problem

  11. Dean Vorwerk says:

    When switching on the aircon. Time differs from day to day. It switches off and has the timer light and auto defrost light flashing. Then I need to turn off the power and reset. Some days stays on longer than other days.
    Please help

  12. S paul says:

    Meaning of Carrier split ac error code e 2

  13. Henrik says:

    My ac havent been used more than 6 months
    When I started it – it didnt really cool and suddenly it stop and shows E1 in the display

    Whats the problem ?? How do I fix it??

  14. Mr Iluminado D. Quicho, Jr says:

    Sir we have a split type air conditioning unit, what does it mean of error EC?

  15. Chintan Shah says:

    My Carrier AC says CL before it starts. What does CL mean? Kindly help diagonise my problem

  16. sambhu bhusan sao says:

    2-3 hours after starting my carrier split AC (novello) become stops and the indoor section display shows EC with timer Led constantly blink and run Led just blinks shortly. I am confused about the problem and even the service boy. so the problem is persist till now plz help me

  17. vijaya Lakshmi says:

    My carrier 5 Star AC says CL before it starts. What does CL mean? Please help me?

  18. Sruti says:

    My Carrier Superia 5 Star AC shows CL after starting. It shows CL for few seconds and then the temperature is dispalyed. Please help me.

    • Bhupendra says:

      Hi All those who have problem with Error message CL, have you lodge any complaint. Carrier technician doesn’t know what is CL means. Even my AC shows error code CL before it start. Please let me know if after Servicing this error code disappear?

    • P.kubendran says:

      CL means?? while starting the ac switching on for few seconds found display and disappear

    • Suresh says:

      CL code comes automatically after 240 hours of operation. It is basically a reminder to clean the Air Filters. Clean the air filters and then reset the counter to clear that error ode. To clear press the LED button on the remote 4 times when the CL code appears.

  19. Erning says:

    What is the problem if the error code is FC..

  20. Erning says:

    What is the meaning of FC in the split wall type aircon?

  21. shiv kumar says:

    what does CL means in supiriya ac

  22. Haseeb says:

    It’s shows p1 whole night and there is no cooling…what should I do ??

  23. Mandar Ghole says:

    CL means a reminder to clean the Air Filter. It occurs after 240 hours of operation.

    To reset the hours, press LED display button on Remote 4 times. It will not appear again.


  24. AURIJIT ROY says:

    Hi this is to inform you that my carrier split inverter made showing error P1 whenever I try to switched on th AC.i don’t knw what had happened can u please suggest me what to do and what does it mean.

  25. Nitesh P. Yelve says:

    CL message seen in the Carrier ACs, is a call for cleaning the AC filters. Switch off the AC. Open the front panel of the AC and take out the filters. Clean them using either vacuum cleaner or simply wash them under running water. Dry them properly if you have washed them. Switch on the AC and press ‘LED Display’ button on the remote control four times. Switch off the AC and again switch on. You won’t see the CL message.

  26. Roger says:

    Hello all. I have a Sungold split AC () unit with an EC reading.

    MODEL: SGS-12H-l

    When I pluged it back in for use, it will run for about 20 minutes and shut down automatically showing an EC reading with the LED indicator flashing 7 times intermittently over the “run” title.

    What does it mean and what can be done to fix this?

  27. Moayedo alzahe says:

    P11 error code

  28. MR YAU says:

    E1 code appearred after running 2mins of indoor unit, but outdoor unit did not work. I check the fault code, it meaned the communication error between indoor and outdoor unit. How can i know, which board was defective?how can i solve the comm problem?

  29. Anthony loma says:

    Good day carrier tanong q lang po 6 times blinking cassete type a/c 3tr anu error noon? Tnkz po

  30. Colleen says:

    What does PO error code mean on carrier ac

  31. Stuart says:

    What does — mean on the display of a carrier indoor split system? AC comes on then when i check it late the display shows — instead on the temp?

  32. Vrej says:

    P11 error help what should I do !

  33. Juan Carlos says:

    Por favor código de error p4 especifique bien

  34. adnan manzoor says:

    Plz i want to list the error cod saplit air conditioners

  35. maytham says:

    Please .what is meant error P12

  36. MutazEldawi says:

    We have a Carrier AC model 42SD7C, once started in cooling mode it shows ER 05
    but in fan mode, the fan works normally
    please advice about er 05 and how to fix it

  37. gowdy says:

    How to solve ec error code an indoor display

  38. zubair jutt says:

    What is f5 error code

  39. Robert says:

    Error code 1 is activated for Orient 1.5 Ton Split AC. Outside unit is Not turning on. Trying to Contact Orient Service Team. Looks imposible to Contact them.
    What can be done to solve the issue.

  40. sadiq says:

    30gtn110 water chiller T504 code circute B1 currentsensorboard failure. How to solve this problem. plz

  41. Logie cawaling says:

    Split wall mounted a/c 410 refrigerant the problem is when you switch on the unit it works but after 2 to 3 minutes it’s stops and there’s a display E9 what is the meaning of E9

  42. Akhilesh rana says:

    I have a prblem in my carrier inverter split ac…
    The display shown of my ac.. E.3 error.

  43. fungai muturiko says:

    my carrier air conditioners are showing ed and ec what could be the problem please help.

  44. Pp says:

    While starting ac showing CL in display, i hve a carrier superia 1.5 ton ac pls let me knw what is the error.

  45. vino says:

    I have problem in carrier split 1 ton ac.when i switch on the unit working 30 to 40 seconds then ac automatically switch off..operation light blinking. No error code show.pls help me .

  46. P.alagarsamy says:

    Error codes. Symptom codes sollution.

  47. kumar says:

    When ac turned on its is displaying cl for few secs what is the problem

    • Tony grzinic says:

      i have same problem on model carrier 38luvhossn error E1 , i prevorm test on outdoor unit , gas ok no leaks , the power on compresor. 113v comming in but will not start , cappacitor power going in and out ok the unit is 3 to 4 years old ONLY it tels me that is comp, dead, do i have any garanty! Regards Anton ,

  48. Deepak says:

    What is this EC erroe code .. Can u tell someone Please is veri urgent

  49. Helanza says:

    E9 fault on Carrier wall mount aircon

  50. Salim Abdul Quraishi says:

    Sir,I have carrier split unit heat and cool but problem had 1 minutes run good then after outdoor off indoor blower very low tell me what’s the problem I’m already change the pcb but cannot found me this problem pls help..

  51. Amin says:

    Tank you for error code carrier

  52. Jamie says:

    What does FC code mean and how do I reset it on my 40GRQ

  53. behrouz says:

    Hi I’m a mechanic I have a problem I’ve got a split-carrier model wreck 42 qm.
    After turning on the device any reaction anymore lights turn green three times and then 5 seconds off, and the process is repeated found.
    I ask my answer fast manager

  54. M Andrews says:

    What does code F5 mean. Unit shuts down after about 3 minutes and not cooling

  55. farai says:

    Keep updating me please

  56. Sunny says:

    I have a central Air conditioning,it’s shows error code(E1) the model number is 50BL030. Please what should I do?

  57. sankar says:

    1.5 ton carrier ac errors code ec what’s the problem

  58. darlington says:

    what does error Ed means for indoor units?

  59. Karen says:

    How do I fix an E1 error on my a/c

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