Rittal Air Conditioner Error Codes – Causes and Solutions (Get Full List)

Rittal – a German company with headquarters in Herborn, the company was established in 1961 and is known to manufacture electrical enclosures for industrial use. A subsidiary of Friedhelm Loh Group, Rittal works on transport technology, mechanical engineering, information technology, infrastructure, renewable energies, and electrical engineering and automation.

With a special focus on residential and commercial cooling units that are installed all around the world. Offering you a chance to control the environment you create. The company offers powerful, and lightweight climate control units that can easily offer efficient cooling throughout the day and night. Set with small enclosures and command panels each cooling and heating appliance showcase exceptional work. Even though the company pays close attention to detail, there are times when you may experience some errors and issues with their cooling units.

To help you out we have listed down some of the most common error codes for Rittal ACs. All you have to do is note down the error code, and match it using the list below. Once you have the error code you can easily work your way to the fix. Keep in mind that every error code is different, and can help identify the issue your appliance is facing. Once the issue has been resolved it will automatically work ideally.

Codes List

System messages are shown on the display screen of the comfort controller via the displays A1 to A20 and E0.

Error CodesSystem Message
A1Enclosure door open. Door open or door limit switch incorrectly positioned
A2Internal temperature of enclosure too high. Cooling capacity inadequate/unit undersized. Error as a consequence of messages A03 to A17.
A3Filter monitoring. Filter mat soiled
A4Ambient temperature too high/too low. Ambient temperature outside of admissible operating range (+10°C to +60°C)
A5Icing hazard. Operational display in case of icing hazard.
A6PSAH pressure-operated switch. Ambient temperature too high
A7Evaporator coil. Lack of coolant; sensor in front of or behind condenser defective.
A8Condensate warning. Condensate discharge kinked or blocked
A9Condenser fan blocked or defective. Blocked or defective
A10Evaporator fan blocked or defective. Blocked or defective
A11Compressor. Compressor overloaded
A12Condenser. Open or short-circuit
A13Ambient temperature sensor. Open or short-circuit
A14Icing temperature sensor. Open or short-circuit
A15Condensate warning temperature sensor. Open or short-circuit
A16Internal temperature sensor. Open or short-circuit
A17Phase monitoring. For three-phase devices only: Incorrect rotary field/phase absent
A18EPROM. New board obstructed
A19LAN/Master-Slave. Master and slave not connected
A19LAN/Master-Slave. Error display not shown.
A20Voltage drop
E0Display message. Connection problem between the display and the controller board.
OLOverload. Ambient parameters or heat loss outside of the applicable limits.
LHLow heat. Minimal heat loss inside the enclosure.
rStReset. Manual device reset required,

Indication and Fault Analysis

1Cooling output too low (lack of coolant) Consequential fault or faults 2-7. Remedy: Check cooling output Carry out cooling service.
2Compressor overloaded (internal winding protection). Remedy: Unit will switch on automatically.
3Operational indication if risk of icing up exists. Remedy: Raise the setpoint value of the internal temperature of enclosure.
4Ambient temperature too high. Remedy: Unit's specified range of application exceeded.
5Blocked or defective. Remedy: Replace.
6Blocked or defective. Remedy: Replace.
7Filter mat contaminated. Remedy: Clean or replace.
8Cable break or short-circuit. Remedy: Replace.
9Incorrect field of rotation. Remedy: Reverse two phases.

Electrical Wiring Plan

Rittal Air Conditioner Electrical wiring plan
Rittal Air Conditioner Electrical Wiring Plan


Trouble: The unit does not switch on.

Possible Cause: No power supply.

Correction: Check the mains connection and the pre-fuse.

Trouble: The unit does not cool/heat adequately.

Possible Cause:

  1. The air circulation inside the enclosure is impaired.
  2. Ambient temperature too high/low.
  3. Filter equipment contaminated.
  4. Internal fan defective.
  5. External fan defective.
  6. The heat produced in the enclosure exceeds the cooling capacity of the Peltier climate control unit.


  1. Check the air circulation inside the enclosure. Check, in particular, those components equipped with a fan. Check the free spaces above and below the main heat dissipation sources.
  2. Reduce the ambient temperature. Protect the unit from radiation heat caused by direct sunshine and hot surfaces.
  3. Check the filter and, if necessary, clean or replace.
  4. Replace unit.
  5. Replace unit.
  6. Reduce the heat loss.

Trouble: Condensation.

Possible Cause:

  1. Enclosure leakages.
  2. Internal temperature of enclosure set too low.


  1. Check the enclosure for leaks (IP 54). Check, in particular, the cable entry points for leaks.
  2. Check the set enclosure internal temperature (factory setting: +35°C).

Manual Pdf

Rittal Air Conditioner Manual PDF

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