Chigo Split Type Room Air Conditioner Error Codes

DF : Normal, the defrost state is removed, it will return to normal condition automatically.

DF-E2 Error codes

DF-E2 Error codes



E3-E4 Error codes.

E3-E4 Error codes.

E5-E6 Error codes.

E5-E6 Error codes.

E6-E7-E8 Error codes

E6-E7-E8 Error codes

10 Responses to Chigo Split Type Room Air Conditioner Error Codes

  1. zameer says:

    I will start one petra split tharmostet display E3 it mean outdoor sensor foult but i change the outdoot sensor but problem not solve can you aske me how to solve .

  2. savenaca says:

    I have a KF35W INV Chigo air conditioner wall mount.Only inside unit running,outdoor unit not running.No error code showing.Found orange light blinking 16 times.Please can you help us here.Checked power,o.k.

  3. Neil says:

    I would suggest changing the outdoor PCB

  4. lalesh says:

    Cassit ac e4errr code

  5. Linda Fields says:

    I’m getting an E-1 error code when in ‘heat’ mode. What does this mean? The system is a Chigo Split System Air conditioner/ heat pump

  6. Joseph says:

    I am getting an E4 error code, the machine is chigo 10hp standing what do i do?

  7. Drabdulkadir says:

    Pls how errorcode 3 have soltion

  8. wayne shaffer sr says:

    both in room units even when running or not running show a F6 code

    unit’s blows cold air and seem to be working
    I have checked and cleaned the filters no change in code ??????

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