Chigo Split Type Room Air Conditioner Error Codes

DF : Normal, the defrost state is removed, it will return to normal condition automatically.

DF-E2 Error codes

DF-E2 Error codes



E3-E4 Error codes.

E3-E4 Error codes.

E5-E6 Error codes.

E5-E6 Error codes.

E6-E7-E8 Error codes

E6-E7-E8 Error codes

21 Responses to Chigo Split Type Room Air Conditioner Error Codes

  1. zameer says:

    I will start one petra split tharmostet display E3 it mean outdoor sensor foult but i change the outdoot sensor but problem not solve can you aske me how to solve .

  2. savenaca says:

    I have a KF35W INV Chigo air conditioner wall mount.Only inside unit running,outdoor unit not running.No error code showing.Found orange light blinking 16 times.Please can you help us here.Checked power,o.k.

  3. Neil says:

    I would suggest changing the outdoor PCB

  4. lalesh says:

    Cassit ac e4errr code

  5. Linda Fields says:

    I’m getting an E-1 error code when in ‘heat’ mode. What does this mean? The system is a Chigo Split System Air conditioner/ heat pump

  6. Joseph says:

    I am getting an E4 error code, the machine is chigo 10hp standing what do i do?

  7. Drabdulkadir says:

    Pls how errorcode 3 have soltion

  8. wayne shaffer sr says:

    both in room units even when running or not running show a F6 code

    unit’s blows cold air and seem to be working
    I have checked and cleaned the filters no change in code ??????

    • admin says:

      The fault code = F6
      The fault content = The outdoor sensor fault
      The reason of fault and its solutions = 1. Check whether the resistance of sensor is normal, otherwise replace it;
      2. Check whether the sensor wire is short circuit or open circuit, and whether the plug is well contacted, whether there is welding off or rosin joint on the electric control board, repair it if there is any above;
      3. When the 1 and 2 are both normal ,then the component or integrated circuit is damaged, the electric control board should be replaced.

  9. rasheed says:

    I want explain e4 error code how to solve problem?

  10. Brett says:

    Can someone please help me I am at a loss, I am getting the error code FF and i can’t find a reference to it anywhere.
    thanking you in advance.

    • admin says:

      The fault code = FF
      The fault content = The outdoor DC motor fault
      The reason of fault and its solutions = 1. Check the resistance value of the DC motor port. If it is short circuit, please change the DC motor;
      2. Check the voltage value of the DC motor port VCC(15Vdc), Vdm(340Vdc),please change the PCB board if the voltage values are abnormal;
      3. if all the voltage values of the DC motor port are normal,the Vsp voltage (0~5v) is also ok ,it shows that the inner PCB board of the DC motor is damaged, then change the DC motor.

      • Brett says:

        Thank you so much, I wont tell you how many hours i have spent looking for an answer.
        Again thank you so very much 🙂 🙂

        kind regards


  11. emmanuel justice osei says:

    del split type room air condition displays(ah-1035-es) series display error code h20. what could be the fault please.

  12. Abdul Jalil says:

    How can you help me? Can I help you? I have a Cheju air conditioner that appears on screen e4. The unit works well for me for 10 minutes. After the fan is down, the speed drops and becomes weak. The air conditioner separates and shows the code. What is the problem? What is the external unit? Everything is perfect. There is snow in the fountain. Low pressure

  13. jerry says:

    Help please i have a FF code. but when i switch off and switch on again it work for 3 to 5 mins and then the fault return again.

  14. Fernando l Gautier says:

    My inverter greenfreeze Made by Chigo show code ff, but the motor is ac not dc.after reset it works for 5 mins and the fault returns. Please advise posible problems.

  15. nahidh hussain says:

    Chigo inverter ac indoor unit is runing. but outdoor is not working, no error cods showing. can you help me

  16. Dhananjay says:


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