LG Multi V Error Codes

This function indicates types of failure in self-diagnosis and occurrence of failure for air condition.
• Error mark is displayed on display window of indoor units and wired remote controller, and 7-segment LED of
outdoor unit control board as shown in the table.
• If more than two troubles occur simultaneously, lower number of error code is first displayed.
• After error occurrence, if error is released, error LED is also released simultaneously.



indoor unit related error

indoor unit related error



Outdoor unit related error

Outdoor unit related error

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15 Responses to LG Multi V Error Codes

  1. joydip bas says:

    l want to lg vrv error code throughlt

  2. vikaschaube says:

    Lg ductebal unit fan motors.noice problems

  3. javed khan says:

    Air conditioning

  4. Bruce says:

    Hi . The code is Ch-04 .
    Can I rectify the problem myself or
    Must I call someone in .
    LG aircon unit
    Multi V

  5. Ratheesh says:

    Lg multi v iv error in odu c 1, 62 ?

  6. Gokul ghule says:

    Very nice

  7. kapil sharma says:

    LG casste ac in door unit in not air fllow

  8. Sujith Suresh says:

    My LG Multi V One Indoor Display Showing Error CH53 may I know about CH53

  9. friday Adetunji says:

    Good day, I have problem on multi v out door until. Error code in outdoor C12 and 262., and until is not running… Thanks

  10. Hannington Semazzi says:

    Working on multi v plus 11 units,not starting at all even the ceiling concealed units not working though there is power.I can’t access the Ac smart controllers as I don’t have the password,2 outdoor units,master and slave,what could be the problem

  11. Shoaib ahmed says:

    In lg vrv5 in odu display it’s showing SUC why it’s showing and what is the solution

  12. ERIC says:

    Error CH 1 06 in LG MULTI V PLUS II outdor unit ,what is the cause and solution to that?

  13. NESTOR Quisido says:

    Educational and help me a lot to find a trouble of aircon tnx.LG

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