LG Multi V Error Codes

This function indicates types of failure in self-diagnosis and occurrence of failure for air condition.
• Error mark is displayed on display window of indoor units and wired remote controller, and 7-segment LED of
outdoor unit control board as shown in the table.
• If more than two troubles occur simultaneously, lower number of error code is first displayed.
• After error occurrence, if error is released, error LED is also released simultaneously.



indoor unit related error

indoor unit related error



Outdoor unit related error

Outdoor unit related error

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31 Responses to LG Multi V Error Codes

  1. joydip bas says:

    l want to lg vrv error code throughlt

  2. vikaschaube says:

    Lg ductebal unit fan motors.noice problems

  3. javed khan says:

    Air conditioning

  4. Bruce says:

    Hi . The code is Ch-04 .
    Can I rectify the problem myself or
    Must I call someone in .
    LG aircon unit
    Multi V

    • JOHN LOUIE IGNO says:

      hello ım from koppel, ınc.

      ı want to help you.
      ıf the problem ıs ın the ındoor check the draın pump may ıt ıs clogged
      or ıf there ıs float swıtch you can also check that one.

      but make sure that ur system ıs clean.

  5. Ratheesh says:

    Lg multi v iv error in odu c 1, 62 ?

  6. Gokul ghule says:

    Very nice

  7. kapil sharma says:

    LG casste ac in door unit in not air fllow

  8. Sujith Suresh says:

    My LG Multi V One Indoor Display Showing Error CH53 may I know about CH53

  9. friday Adetunji says:

    Good day, I have problem on multi v out door until. Error code in outdoor C12 and 262., and until is not running… Thanks

  10. Hannington Semazzi says:

    Working on multi v plus 11 units,not starting at all even the ceiling concealed units not working though there is power.I can’t access the Ac smart controllers as I don’t have the password,2 outdoor units,master and slave,what could be the problem

  11. Shoaib ahmed says:

    In lg vrv5 in odu display it’s showing SUC why it’s showing and what is the solution

  12. ERIC says:

    Error CH 1 06 in LG MULTI V PLUS II outdor unit ,what is the cause and solution to that?

  13. NESTOR Quisido says:

    Educational and help me a lot to find a trouble of aircon tnx.LG

  14. Timothy Heinrich says:

    Wow, I have had to set up every LG VRF T’stat myself as the owner, because;
    1) One must never use BACnet into any VRF System _ values are never the same and corruptions occur. *the Touchscreen Event Log shows a NONE user making changes, which we found was the VRT’s. Why? Who Knows, because their top techs do not.
    2) If you have a Touchscreen, you will find a very similar problem, in that what you see and can control on the Touchscreen, again does not match the Thermostat settings, so only use for changing Lock Out and possibly Setpoint.
    3) We have instructed our Service Tech’s to perform all Service Work & troubleshooting at the Thermostat, since it is what is actually controlling the local VRF.
    4) If local Thermostat Service ERROR Codes show up, have fun trying to figure out what they mean. I could find nothing online. Only info I received was from a Tech’s Software Screenshot.

  15. Salim khan says:

    Please explain lg malti v 3rd outdoor error code 731 and 741

  16. navas says:

    Hi i have a problem in multisplit v3 212 error code how can i rectify it

  17. Dhamodaran says:

    LG multi V error cosas 2 5 1

  18. VICTOR AGUILAR says:

    Please Help

    I have one equipmente MULTIV LG PLUS II , and I have error code 271.

    Please wath is te procedure to fix


  19. Adilor Júnior says:

    Tenho 4 aparelhos apresentando o código ch 242 como devo proceder?

  20. Elliot Molatlhegi says:

    i have question to ask

  21. Elliot Molatlhegi says:

    lg multi v 111 model no arun 200lt3 If u put indoors on the outdoor wiill run for about 3 minutes cut off then indoors wii start blinking and put error CH 174 on the controller

  22. Elivious says:

    I have a LG MultiV AURN200LN3,showing error code CH50,any idea what is it.Tried google for clues but seems google is clueless on this one.

  23. Murali says:

    Our Lg Multi V Thermostat Display Showing 53 Error Codes I Already Check Three Phase Volt Also Everthing Ok What Is The Solution.

  24. Ashok says:

    Lg multi v …outdoor error 691 coming what Is the issu..plz answer me

  25. silian alexandru says:

    error ch242 Ihave 21 A/C broken .What is the breakdown?

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