LG PTAC Error Codes

If the unit has a malfunction, a green OPERATION LED located on the Display PCB used by the unit to indicate the errors.

If the customer has to register a complaint to the service center, he can be very clear about registering the complaint that what is happening & by referring the user’s manual the customer can clearly define the problem. So that the engineer should go fully prepared with the prescribed tools to be used regarding that problem. It also keeps the customer aware about the unit.
Here are some of the problems defined below for which the LED indicates by flashing number of times the error has been recorded against it.
The errors are the mentioned which is as follows:

Electrical Controls

ON Normal
OFF No power / failed board
Fault Codes
CH 01 Indoor Air Thermistor Error
CH 02 Indoor Coil Thermistor Error
CH 03 Outdoor Air Thermistor Error (PTHP Only)
CH 04 Outdoor Coil Thermistor Error (PTHP Only)
CH 05 Mode Error
CH 06 Set point Error
CH 07 Bad Thermistor Wiring
CH 09 Pressure Switch Error

Manual Controls

ON Normal
OFF No power / failed board
Fault Codes
1 Indoor Air Thermistor Error
2 Indoor Coil Thermistor Error
3 Outdoor Air Thermistor Error (PTHP Only)
4 Outdoor Coil Thermistor Error (PTHP Only)
5 Mode Error
6 Set point Error
7 Bad Thermistor Wiring
LED Flash Rate 0.25 sec On per flash, 0.25 sec OFF between flashes,  2.00 sec OFF between codes.

LG PTAC Error Codes

LG PTAC Error Codes


3 Responses to LG PTAC Error Codes

  1. Jesse Owens says:

    Looking for explanation of Fault Code #42 on LG Model #ISU305HV PTAC & Parts List.

  2. Barry oakes says:

    I have an error code of ch 45 on an lg PTAC unit . My unit continues to cut off and restart compressor with a decompressed sound when shutting down ?

  3. Surendra P Patel says:

    LG Split model no LMN096HVT indoor unit (LMU187HV outside unit} Flashing 3 times on cooling and 2 times on heating but do not start.

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