Lloyd Air Conditioner Error Code

Lloyd Air Conditioner Error Code









 Lloyd Air Conditioner  Manual

21 Responses to Lloyd Air Conditioner Error Code

  1. irshad says:

    F1 error shows always in display

  2. Tanu Singhal says:

    The ac is showing E2 and there is no display for temperature levels.

  3. syed mannan says:

    what is meant by E4 and E6

  4. Shehzad quadri says:

    i am a ac technician plz give me model no LS19A5LX option code

  5. AQEEL AHMAD says:

    Showing error code f6 spilt A.c 1.5 ton

  6. altaf pinjari says:

    Error f2 on display in llyod ac

  7. Rajesh Jha says:

    I have a 1.5 ton Lloyd split ac and E5 error is showing.what is the problem and what should I do.

  8. Amrendra kumar says:

    My lloyd inveter ac always f1

  9. lavanya BY says:

    CL is display when we switch off the ac

  10. Sonam Khandelwal says:

    Temperature setting is gone and no cooling effect

  11. jasmin says:

    Error -j is showing on display and all mode symbole display and contineous blinking on screen

  12. Jannu Galing says:

    EC code is always my Ac

  13. somasekhar reddy says:

    LS19A5DA-W GETING P3 Error
    please help me

  14. shashi heerekar says:

    Hello ! what is meant by EC code in my ac ?

  15. mohan alkunte says:

    I m facing problem pre/def and alarm indication after a while when ac is running.it gets reset after switching the mcb off and on.

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