McQuay Air Conditioning Error Code



E1 Compressor2 low pressure faulty
E2 Compressor2 high pressure faulty
E3 Compressor2 overload
E4 Indoor coil2 temperature sensor fault
E5 System 2 leaving water temperature2 faulty
F2 Indoor coil1 temperature sensor fault
F4 Return air temperature sensor fault
F6 Communication faulty
F9 Compressor1 refrigerant leak
FE Compressor2 refrigerant leak
H1 Compressor1 overload
H4 Compressor1 high pressure faulty
L1 Compressor1 low pressure faulty
L3 Temperature of water entering too high or low
L4 Water flow switch faulty
L5 System 1 leaving water temperature1 faulty

10 Responses to McQuay Air Conditioning Error Code

  1. Mignon says:

    We are receiving an FE error code even though the gas leak has been repaired. We have tried resetting the unit however the error code remains there?

    Any idea on how to get rid of the error code please?

  2. Templer says:

    Unit is flashing on red led of the outdoor board wen it switches off on the control completley, any idea wat it could be

    • Kuppusamy Manimaran says:

      My Aircon model MCK040A AFBB when on comp start first blower after start water dripping water overflow
      timer light blinking four times

  3. dwi says:

    Erore E04

  4. hermansyah says:

    mau tanya pak.bagaimana cara memperbaiki code error E02..trims

  5. Francois says:

    look─▒ng for the error codes for a dc ─▒nverter type m5cmy28

  6. Fregiste says:

    What is error code 10?

  7. Raymond Ackerman says:

    I have a Mcquay ducted aircon system. Error code 2 is displayed on the control pad

  8. syarifuddin says:

    Ac central mcquay model mdb150b2-fbai error 11,mau tanya pak apanya yg harus d benahi

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