Chunlan Air Conditioner Error Codes

Microprocessor-based controller of this unit features troubleshooting and protection display  functions.

Chunlan Air Conditioner Error Codes
Chunlan Air Conditioner Error Codes
Error CodesProblem
E0High pressure protection
E1Antifreeze protection
E2ID ambient temp probe short circuit
E3ID pipe temp probe short circuit
E4OD pipe temp probe short circuit
E5Communication failure
E6Phase sequence protection
E7Overcurrent protection
E8Load relief protection
E9Low pressure protection

In case of repeated protections of air conditioner, cut off power supply and have failure corrected by specialty maintenance personnel, before restarting the machine.

 Chunlan Air Conditioner Error Codes / E1-E2-E3-E4
Chunlan Air Conditioner Error Codes / E0-E1-E2-E3-E4-E5-E6-E7-E8-E9

Common Troubleshooting

In case of AC failure, immediately cut off power supply. Check the following before requesting maintenance:

Failure: Machine not operating


  1. Power off
  2. Power not meeting requirement
  3. Molten fuse or open CB

Correction measures:

  1. Use when power is resumed
  2. Check power supply before use
  3. Replace fuse or close circuit breaker

Failure: Machine operating at poor cooling/heating efficiency, or not cooling or heating


  1. Clogged air strainer
  2. ID or OD unit air intake clogged
  3. Improper temp control setting
  4. Open door/window

Correction measures:

  1. Clean air strainer
  2. Remove obstacles
  3. Reset temperature control
  4. Close doors/windows

This air duct type air conditioner is our latest home (commercial) centralized air conditioning product.

This product features high efficiency, energy saving, mild and silent operation, computerized intelligent control and healthy fresh air etc.

In addition, wire and wireless controls are provided for easy operation.

The product can be widely used in large area, multi-room composite compartment/houses, villa, and medium and small restaurants, bars, leisure and recreation sites.

Chunlan Air Conditioner Ordinary wire controller
Chunlan Air Conditioner Ordinary wire controller


1. For relevant models and parameters provided in this manual, actual products and nameplate information shall govern;

2. This manual has been carefully checked. In case of printing error, our company shall not bear responsibility for the consequences.

3. Our company is in constant technology advancement and product series and sizes will be adjusted from time to time. Please note information of our new products.

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