Midea Vrf V5 Error Codes

1. Press the query button to activate the query function. Firstly the display panel will display the 1st units’state.

2. Use the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT buttons to select the unit we want to query.

The indication of error codes are as the 2 tables below:
Table 1: Fault code

EF Other faults
EE Water level detection malfunction
ED Outdoor unit malfunction
EC Cleaning malfunction
EB Inverter module protection
EA Current of compressor is too large (4 Times)
E9 Communication malfunction between main board and display board
E8 Wind blowing speed is out of control

E7 EEPROM error
E6 Detection of current direction alternating is abnormal
E5 T3 or T4 senor of discharge of compressor fails down
E4 T2B sensor malfunction
E3 T2A sensor malfunction
E2 T1 sensor malfunction
E1 Communication malfunction
E0 Phase sequence disorder or loss of power phase
07# …
06# …
05# …
04# …
03# Communication malfunction between centralized controller and PC(gateway)
02# Communication malfunction between centralized controller and functional module
01# Communication malfunction between centralized controller and network interface  module
00# Communication malfunction between network interface module and main control board

PF Other protection 

PE Reserved
PD Reserved
PC Reserved
PB Reserved
PA Reserved
P9 Reserved
P8 Compressor’s current is too large
P7 Voltage of power supply is too high or too low
P6 Pressure of discharge is too low
P5 Pressure of discharge is too high

P4 Temp. of discharge pipe is abnormal
P3 Temp. of compressor is abnormal
P2 Condenser high-temperature protection
P1 Anti-cool air or defrost protection
P0 Evaporator temperature protection


H3 Outdoor Adding Malfunction (Valid For Host Unit)
Pd Oil Return
H2 Outdoor Decreasing Malfunction (Valid For Host Unit)
PA Defrost Protection
H1 Net Communication Malfunction
P8 Compressor Current 3rd Protection
EF Other Malfunction

P7 Compressor Current 2rd Protection
E4 T4 Temp Sensor Malfunction

P5 Condenser High Temp Protection
E3 T3 Temp Sensor Malfunction

P4 Discharge Pipe Temp Protection
E2 Communication Malfunction between indoor and outdoor unit
P3 Compressor Current 1st Protection
E1 Phase Sequence Malfunction P2 Discharge Low-Pressure

E0 Outdoor unit communication Malfunction
P1 Discharge High-Pressure Protection
PF Other Protection

P0 Compressor High Temp Protection

PE Oil Balance

New display panel 

FE Without address when first time power on
H0 M-home not matched between

MS module and control box
E0 Mode conflict
E1 Communication malfunction between indoor unit and outdoor unit
E2 T1 sensor malfunction
E3 T2 sensor malfunction
E4 T2B/T2C sensor malfunction
E7 EEPROM malfunction
Ed Outdoor unit malfunction
EE Water level switch malfunction

Old display panel 

Without address when first time power on-Time LED and run LED flash together
M-home not matched between MS module and control box-4 LED flash together
Mode conflict -Defrost LED flashes

Communication malfunction between indoor unit and outdoor unit 5-Timer LED flashes
Indoor sensors malfunction -Run LED flashes

EEPROM malfunction-Defrost LED flash slowly
Outdoor unit malfunction-Alarm LED flashes slowly
Water level switch malfunction-Alarm LED flash

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  1. eaashitey@yahoo.com says:

    Dear All

    Currently working on Medea MDV vrf units. One of the condensing units keep going off and comes on by its self, meanwhile there is no fault code on the unit’s display board.
    Can you pls advice through the above emails



  2. HATEM MAPROK says:


  3. yao pacom says:

    Que signifie le defaut EE sur l apareil midez

  4. oluwatosın o ı adebayo says:

    What is the remedy to P3 compresor current protection

  5. Ibrahim Olapade says:

    pls,what is remedy to error FL in 5HP VRV Media product.

  6. Maha says:

    Midea vrf v5x series showing 1F1.kindly help me to resolve.

  7. Tejpal says:

    Hlo friends vrf unit error 2hd error show in display please tell me what problem

  8. Habtom says:

    Helo there , am working on Midea vrf v4x, would you please kindly send me through my email the trouble shouting and technical manual and startup of v4x.

  9. Meraj Ahmad says:

    P 2 ke liye kya karna hoga ki wo hat jaaye

  10. mohammad ali says:

    Dear all
    we have E2 alarm some time for out door unit.for example system working for 2 days and do not have problem and some time in one day every hour have E2 alarm.
    please help me for this problem.
    thanks a lot…

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