Mitsubishi AC Error Code P8

Mitsubishi AC Error Code p8

P1  Intake sensor error
P2 P9 Pipe (Liquid or 2-phase pipe) sensor error
E6 E7 Indoor/outdoor unit communication error
P4 Drain sensor error
P5  Drain pump error
PA Forced compressor error
P6  Freezing/Overheating safeguard operation
EE  Communication error between indoor and outdoor units
P8  Pipe temperature error
E4  Remote controller signal receiving error
Fb  Indoor unit control system error (memory error, etc.)
E0 E3 Remote controller transmission error
E1 E2 Remote controller control board error

mitsubishi ac error code p8

mitsubishi ac error code p8


List of error codes and stop codes (for all models)

Pdf -1

Pdf -2

Pdf -3


10 Responses to Mitsubishi AC Error Code P8

  1. sugeng rianto says:

    Untuk msalah pada ac mitsubishi kita bs saring kah.trimakasih.

  2. Faris says:

    i have issue in my A/C ducted it give me P8 what i have to do?

  3. Hazem says:

    I have i a/c duct spilet 6 ton in the thermostat cameing error p8 what this code


  4. Yubraj says:

    I have also pblm. It show p8.whow to solve this issue pls advice.

  5. Salman says:

    I want to troubleshoot and clear this p8 error from mitsubishi PU-6YAKD model please guide me for fix this issue and what thing i need to replace for this and i already checked voltage phases are normal

  6. talha says:

    Mitsubishi 4 ton 3 phase

  7. Cheryl Haywood says:

    I have an issue with my A/c ducted, turns off. Then P8 appears. What do I do as it is 40c here, v/hot

    • Peter says:

      Yeah. Same here.
      Pure guess on my part…
      I think that it is because the outside temperature is so hot (42) compared to the in-ceiling thermostat (32) that the control unit believes that there is a problem with the outside unit, so it shuts things off and gives a P8 error code. I switched all the internal control panels off if they weren’t already off, waited a few minutes and switched one zone back on (which is all that I needed thankfully). It restarted normally. The external units exhaust air was very very hot.

  8. anup chauhan says:

    I want digram of outdoor,P8error showing in rmote

  9. Manoj says:

    Mitsubishi Multy vrf 3 fancoil 2working ok 3rd one working not cooling no any error code what was problem

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