Mitsubishi Electric City Multi Fault Codes

Comms fault between boards – check inverter error detail for which 2 boards, check transformer, bus voltage and inter-connecting cables.

Check code(2 digits)-Check code (4 digits)-TroubleEd

0403 Serial communication error
U2 1102 Compressor temperature trouble
UE 1302 High pressure trouble
U7 1500 Superheat due to low discharge temperature trouble
U2 1501 Refrigerant shortage

Closed valve in cooling mode
EF 1508 4-way valve trouble in heating mode
UF 4100 Compressor current interruption (locked compressor)
Pb 4114 Fan trouble (Indoor)
UP 4210 Compressor overcurrent interruption

U9 4220 Voltage shortage/overvoltage/PAM error/L1open phase/power synchronization signal error
U5 4230 Heat sink temperature trouble
U6 4250 Power module Trouble or Overcurrent trouble
U8 4400 Fan trouble (Outdoor)
U4 5105 Outdoor liquid pipe temperature thermistor (TH3) open/short
U4 5106 Ambient temperature thermistor (TH7) open/short
U4 5109 HIC pipe temperature thermistor (TH2) open/short
U4 5110 Heat sink temperature thermistor (TH8) open/short
F5 5201 High pressure sensor (63HS) trouble
F3 5202 Low pressure sensor (63LS) trouble
UH 5300 Current sensor trouble or primary current trouble
A0 6600 Duplex address error
A2 6602 Transmission processor hardware error
A3 6603 Transmission bus BUSY error
A6 6606 Signal communication error with transmission processor
A7 6607 No ACK error
A8 6608 No response frame error
E0/E4 6831 MA communication receive error (no receive signal)
E3/E5 6832 MA communication send error
E3/E5 6833 MA communication send error
E0/E4 6834 MA communication receive error
EF 7100 Total capacity error
EF 7101 Capacity code error
EF 7102 Connecting unit number error
EF 7105 Address setting error
EF 7130 Incompatible unit combination

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