Rittal Air Conditioner Error Codes

System messages are shown on the display screen of the Comfort controller via the displays A1 to A20 and E0.

A1 -Enclosure door open

A2-Internal temperature of enclosure too high

A3-Filter monitoring

A4-Ambient temperature too high/too low

A5-Icing hazard

A6-PSAH pressure-operated switch

A7- Evaporator coil

A8- Condensate warning

A9- Condenser fan blocked or defective

A10- Evaporator fan blocked or defective

A11- Compressor

A12- Condenser

A13- Ambient temperature sensor

A14-Icing temperature sensor

A15-Condensate warning temperature sensor

A16- Internal temperature sensor

A17- Phase monitoring



Rittal Air Conditioner Error Codes

Rittal Air Conditioner Error Codes

Rittal Air Conditioner Manual PDF

29 Responses to Rittal Air Conditioner Error Codes

  1. Thomas Taylor says:

    What is the fault AO1 mean??

  2. KHALED says:

    i have 2 messages alarms A02 and A07
    what exactly to solve this problem in AC for electrical panel.
    i hope your fast replay

  3. Alfonso says:

    Hi, i need your help, I have two alarms, A01 and A017.
    what is the solutuion. Is new .
    And the second question is what are the parameters to intoduce it, for the unity if it is new. thank you

  4. Sumit gupta says:

    In mt cmpny panel ac showing alarm A014. Plz help waht is the meaning of thos alarm,.

  5. Balakrishna Budagatla says:

    iam in working in Coca-Cola.we r facing the problem of
    A02- inadequate temp high in enclosure
    how to rectify this issue.
    now 40degree mantained in panel pls help me with ur reply
    pls reply as early as possible

  6. alejandro castro says:

    What is the 607 code

  7. Jeff says:

    A17 error code incorrect rotary field/phase absent. Switched two wires and fault is still present.

  8. Mayur Jain says:

    We are getting OL alarm in rittal panel AC? How to reset this alarm and what is the reason for this alarm?

  9. nick munn says:

    A02 and A07 faults

  10. Johnny bwatkins says:

    Yes I’m have. Error code 14 which says to replace sensor I need a part number can you help me m # 3328540

  11. nikesh says:

    alarm A02 and A07 Wich sensor is defective

  12. Chris says:

    Display message “Cn”. Can’t locate this error message anywhere in the manual or online. What does this indicate?

  13. Jayanto says:

    b07 error code to rittal panel .I want to know this error means.plz help me

  14. rick stiltner says:

    hello can you please tell me how to reset the unit back to factory default settings

  15. Jonas says:

    Qual é o código 607 E b07 estou tendo problemas alguém pode me ajudar?

  16. cesar fischer says:

    hi there. some body answer you? I have the same problem… you solved it?

  17. krishna says:

    a11 alarm show,how to resolved this problem

  18. amin says:

    we have error a17 then we change two phases but still there is error 17

  19. Azaz says:

    Alarm 17 please guide

  20. Văn Đông says:

    Help me! Do not login cod 22 going rittal all

  21. DILER SINGH says:

    A18 Alarms comes what should to do?

  22. Arz muhammad Bhutto says:

    Why are the analog carel controler error indication

  23. Sultan hakim says:

    Saya punya pendingin Sk 3328540 sn 2014D0207530 error keluar angka 88.8 dan tidak bisa jalan, yg harus di perbaiki pada bagian apa? Mohon infonya, terimakasih.

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