Thermal Zone Air Conditioner Error Codes


MZG409HP16230EA Evaporator
MZG412HP16230EA Evaporator
MZG418HP16230EA Evaporator
MZG434HP16230CA Condenser
MZG424HP16230CA Condenser

9MH46ZIGX Evaporator
12MH46ZIGX Evaporator
18MH46ZIGX Evaporator
34MH46ZOGX Condenser
24MH46ZOGX Condenser




Thermal Zone Air Conditioner Manual

Thermal Zone Air Conditioner Troubleshooting



4 Responses to Thermal Zone Air Conditioner Error Codes

  1. Bubba.Russ says:

    I have a e 7 code with my unit I need to know what to do it runs for a few seconds than stops.I am a h v a c tech with all OK thanks

  2. Marlon Azores says:

    Hi I’m using EuropAce Brand AC unit , the AC unit not working and it shows E6 error the red light flash 6 time. Only the fan is working.

    Please advise what are the possible cause of this fault as well as the solution.


  3. Bernard Larfeeva says:

    l have an AC and it shows e2 what should I do

  4. Paul Hanna says:

    I have a EC code and 7 flashes on run?

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