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Sinclair is a Scottish brand that comes with a 100-year-long history. Inspired by the clan, the Sinclair Corporation LTD, created a mark on the world that will last longer than the clan. Operating in 25 countries the company offers air conditioning, heat pumps, LED light segments, and other household and commercial products. The company is known to work on creating a blue planet, one that ensures comfortable living while producing the environment.

Every single product the company puts out is thoroughly tested and tried before being launched. So only the highest quality and most reliable products make it to the market. Currently, the company is focused on three groups: air conditioning, air-to-water heat pumps, and LED lights. Offering you top-grade technology that is designed to last.

Sinclair might be a high-ranking company, but from time to time customers have complained about system errors. Fortunately, most of these errors can be fixed on your own. So rather than ignoring the error codes, your appliance is showing its time to note down the Sinclair air conditioner error code and get to the bottom of the problem. To help you out we have listed down the most common error codes of Sinclair air conditioners.

Wall Mounted Units, Vision Series

Error CodesSolution
E1High pressure protection of system
E2Antifreezing protection
F0In defect of refrigerant
E4High discharge temperature protection of compressor
E5Overcurrent protection
E6Communication Malfunction
E8High temperature resistant protection
EEEEPROM malfunction
EULimit/ decrease frequency due to high temperature of module
C5Malfunction protection of jumper cap
FoGathering refrigerant
F1Indoor ambient temperature sensor is open/short circuited
F2Indoor evaporator temperature sensor is open/short circuited
F3Outdoor ambient temperature sensor is open/short circuited
F4Outdoor condenser temperature sensor is open/short circuited
F5Outdoor discharge temperature sensor is open/short circuited
F6Limit/ decrease frequency due to overload
F8Decrease frequency due to overcurrent
F9Decrease frequency due to high air discharge
FHLimit/ decrease frequency due to antifreezing
PHVoltage for DC bus-bar is too high
PLVoltage of DC bus-bar is too low
P0Compressor Min frequence in test state
P1Compressor rated frequence in test state
P2Compressor maximum frequence in test state
P3Compressor intermediate frequence in test state
P5Overcurrent protection of phase current for compressor
PUCharging malfunction of capacitor
P7Malfunction of module temperature sensor circuit
P8Module high temperature protection
H3Overload protection for compressor
H5IPM protection
U8Malfunction of zero-cross detection circuit
H6Internal motor (fan motor) do not operate
H7Desynchronizing of compressor
HCPFC protection
L3Outdoor DC fan motor malfunction
L9Power protection
LPIndoor unit and outdoor unit doesnt match
LCFailure startup
U1Malfunction of phase current detection circuit for compressor
U3Malfunction of voltage dropping for DC bus-bar
U5Malfunction of complete units current detection
U7The four-way valve is abnormal
JFMalfunction of detecting plate (WIFI)
F0In defect of refrigerant

If there is malfunction during running of the system, LCD will display error code at temperature–displayed location. Once there is more than one malfunction, error codes will be displayed circularly. If there are multiple circuit systems, the system number of failed system will be displayed before the colon (not for single system). If malfunction occurs, turn off the unit and contact nearest dealer for help.

Multi System Series

Sinclair AC Multi System Series Error Code List
Sinclair AC Multi System Series Error Code List

If some error occurs when the unit is running, the error code will be displayed on the wired controller and the main board ”88” the outdoor unit.See the table before for more details about the meaning of each error.

Error CodeProblem
E1High Pressure Protection
E2Shutdown for Whole Unit Anti-Freeze Protection
E3Low Pressure Protection
E4High Discharge Temp Protection
E6Communication Error
E9Indoor Unit Water Full Error
FoRefrigerant Recovery Mode
F3Outdoor Ambient Temp Sensor Error
F4Outdoor Mid-Coil Temp Sensor Error
F5Outdoor Discharge Air Temp Sensor Error
F7Oil Return for Cooling
H1Forced Defrosting
H1Oil Return for Heating or Defrosting
H3Compressor Overheat Protection
H5IPM Protection
H7Motor Desynchronizing
HcPFC Error
LcStartup Failure
LADC Fan motor Error
H6No indoor fan motor
U1Compressor phase circuit detection error
U3DC link voltage drop error
U8Zero detection circuit error
LdPhase Loss
LECompressor Stalling
P0IPM Reset
P5Compressor Current Protection
P6Communication Error between the Inverter Drive and the Main Controller
P7Radiator Temp Sensor Error
P8Radiator Overheat Protection
P9AC Contactor Protection
PcCurrent Sensor Error
PdSensor Connection Protection
PHOver Voltage Protection
PLLow Voltage Protection
PETemp Drift Protection
PFDrive Board Ambient Temp Sensor Error
PAAC Current Protection
PUCharging Circuit Error
PPAC Input Voltage Anomaly
E6Unit communication error
E2Unit n indoor pipe midway temperature sensor error
F2Indoor Evaporator Temp Sensor Short/ Open-Circuit
b7(Air Valve) Unit n indoor unit pipe outlet temperature sensor error
b5(Liquid Valve) Unit n indoor pipe inlet temperature sensor error
F1Unit n mode conflict
E7Mode Conflict

Duct Series

Sinclair AC Duct Series Error Code List
Sinclair AC Duct Series Error Code List
Error codeMalfunction
E0Water Pump Malfunction
E1High pressure protection of compressor
E3Low pressure protection of compressor
E4High discharge temperature protection of compressor
E5Compressor overload or drive error
E6Communication malfunction
E9Water overflow protection
F0Indoor unit ambient sensor malfunction at air return opening
F1Evaporator sensor malfunction
F2Condenser sensor malfunction
F3Outdoor unit ambient temperature sensor malfunction
F4Discharge temperature sensor malfunction
F5Ambient sensor malfunction on Displayer (or LED board)

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

If your air-conditioning unit suffers from abnormal operation or failure, please first check the flowing points before repair:

Failure: The unit cannot be started.

Possible Reasons:

  1. The power supply is not connected.
  2. Electrical leakage of air-conditioning unit causes tripping of leakage switch.
  3. The operating keys are locked.
  4. The control loop has failure

Failure: The unit operates for a while and then stops.

Possible Reasons:

  1. There is obstacle in front of the condenser.
  2. The control loop is abnormal.
  3. Cooling operation is selected when the outdoor ambient temperature is above 43°C.

Failure: Poor cooling effect.

Possible Reasons:

  1. The air filter is dirty or blocked.
  2. There is heat source or too many people inside the room.
  3. The door or window is open.
  4. There is obstacle at the air intake or outlet.
  5. The set temperature is too high thus cooling is hindered.
  6. There is refrigerant leakage.
  7. The performance of room temperature sensor becomes worse

Failure: Poor heating effect

Possible Reasons:

  1. The air filter is dirty or blocked.
  2. The door or window is not firmly closed.
  3. The set room temperature is too low thus heating is hindered.
  4. There is refrigerant leakage.
  5. The outdoor ambient temperature is lower than -5°C.
  6. Control line is abnormal.

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