Koppel Air Conditioner Error Codes

Koppel is a Philippine-based company that started back in 1904 as a distributor of railway equipment. They commonly dealt with sugarcane cars, cargo cars, bulk carriers, and tankers for the Philippine National Railways. It was not until 1923 when the company joined hands with American Conglomerate that they started manufacturing and distributing American standard air conditioners.

However, it was not until 1957 that the company started to manufacture and market split and packaged air conditioning equipment. Making their move in the golden era they easily became a leader in the industry. In the years to come, the company went through a great deal, but Koppel managed to keep its focus on commercial and residential air conditioning systems.

Koppel might be a high-ranking company, but from time to time customers have complained about system errors. Fortunately, most of these errors can be fixed on your own. To help you out we have listed down some of the most common error codes for Koppel Air Conditioners. Start by noting down the error code, and match it using the list below. Once you have the error code you can easily work your way to the fix. Knowing what exactly the issue is, you are more likely to save time and money when looking for a quick and affordable fix.

Koppel Super Inverter AC Error Codes;

Error CodesProblem
E0Indoor unit EEPROM parameter error
E1Indoor / outdoor units communication error
E2Zero-crossing signal error
E3Indoor fan speed has been out of control
E4Open circuit or short circuit of indoor room temperature T1
E5Open circuit or short circuit of evaporator coil temperature T2 sensor
ECRefrigerant Leakage Detection
F1Open circuit or short circuit of outdoor ambient T4 temperature sensor
F2Open circuit or short circuit of condenser coil temperature T3 sensor
F3Open circuit or short circuit of compressor discharge T5 temperature sensor
F4Outdoor unit EEPROM parameter error
F5Outdoor fan speed has been out of control
P0IPM malfuntion of IGBT over-strong current protection
P1Over voltage or over low voltage protection
P2High temperature protection of compressor top diagnosis and solution
P4Inverter compressor drive sensor
Indoor Unit Error Display - Timer Lamps -Display-Led Status E/F/P Error
Indoor Unit Error Display – Timer Lamps -Display-Led Status E/F/P Error

EEPROM parameter error diagnosis and solution E0/F4:

EEPROM parameter error diagnosis and solution E0-F4
EEPROM parameter error diagnosis and solution E0-F4


Error Signals On The Display

In case of error, the display on the indoor unit shown the following error codes

Error Code: E 1

RUN lamp: flashes once

Description of the trouble: The fault of indoor temperature sensor

Error Code: E 2

RUN lamp: flashes twice

Description of the trouble: The fault of indoor pipe temperature sensor

Error Code: E 6

RUN lamp: flashes 6 times

Description of the trouble: Malfunction of indoor fan motor.

Koppel Super Inverter AC Error Codes
Koppel Super Inverter AC Error Codes

Koppel AC Troubleshooting

Koppel Window Type AC Troubleshooting

Malfunction: The appliance does not operate 

Possible Causes:

  1. Power failure/plug pulled out
  2. Damaged indoor/outdoor unit fan motor
  3. Faulty compressor thermomagnetic circuit breaker
  4. Faulty protective device or fuses.
  5. Loose connections or plug pulled out
  6. It sometimes stops operating to protect the appliance.
  7. Voltage higher or lower than the voltage range
  8. Active TIMER-ON function
  9. Damaged electronic control board

Malfunction:  Strange odour

Possible Causes: Air filter dirty

Malfunction:  Noise of running water

Possible Causes: Back flow of liquid in the refrigerant circulation

Malfunction:  A fine mist comes from the air outlet

Possible Causes: This occurs when the air in the room becomes very cold, for example in the COOLING or DEHUMIDIFYING/DRY modes

Malfunction:  A strange noise can be heard

Possible Causes: This noise is made by the expansion or contraction of the front panel due to variations in temperature and does not indicate a problem.

Malfunction:  Insufficient airflow, either hot or cold

Possible Causes:

  • Inappropriate temperature setting..
  • Air inlet or outlet of indoor or outdoor unit has been blocked.
  • Air filter is blocked.
  • Fan speed set at minimum.
  • Other sources of heat in the room.
  • No refrigerant
Koppel Air Conditioner Remote Control
Koppel Air Conditioner Remote Control

Malfunction:  The appliance does not respond to commands

Possible Causes:

  • Remote control is not near enough to indoor unit.
  • Battery in Remote controller may have been exhausted..
  • Obstacles between remote control and signal receiver in indoor unit.

Malfunction:  The display is off

Possible Causes:

  • Active LED function
  • Power failure

The air conditioner does not work at all.

  1. Is the power plug inserted into the socket properly?
  2. Is the timer set for the “TIMER-ON” mode?
  3. Is the ambient temperature lower than 16°C?
  4. Is there a power failure or is the fuse blown?

There is no sufficient cooling

  1. Is the room temperature set properly?
  2. Is the air filter screen clean (not blocked)?
  3. Are the doors or windows opened?
  4. Is the room directly exposed to sunlight?
  5. Are there any heating sources inside the room?
  6. Are there many people inside the room?
Koppel Window Type AC Remote Control

The following phenomena occurring during the operation do not mean faults of the machine. You may use the air conditioner with peace of mind.

Phenomena: The air conditioner cannot be started for operation after it is turned off.

Diagnosis: Start the operation after 3 minutes. This is to protect the air conditioner. The microchip protection device for 3 minutes’ delay performs its function. When the machine is powered for the first time. this function does not work.

Phenomena: Frog is blown out during the cooling operation.

Diagnosis: When the indoor temperature and humidity is high, such phenomena might occur. When the indoor temperature and humidity drops, the frog will disappear.

Koppel Window Type AC Remote Control 2

Phenomena: There is odd smell of the delivered air.

Diagnosis: It might be the smell of cigarette smoke or other things inside the air conditioner.

Phenomena: There is “squeezing” sound.

Diagnosis: It might be caused by the cycling of the refrigerant inside the air conditioner.

Phenomena: There is “patting” sound.

Diagnosis: It might be caused by the heat expansion of contraction of the plastic parts.

Phenomena: There is moisture at the air outlet grids.

Diagnosis: If the air conditioner operates in high humidity for long time, moisture may be condensed at the grids and become water drops.

Koppel Window Type AC Display Panel

1-Digital Displayer: in usual operation, ın fan mode, ıt indicates room temperature; ın cool or dry mode, ıt indicates setting temperature; ın timer operation, when pressing the timer button, it indicates timer time, if the time has not been be adjusted after 5 seconds, it indicates temprature again; lf room temp sensor failure, ıt indicates temperature at 25‘c (77°f).

2-Remote Controller Signal Receiver

3-Timer Button: if unit is running, press this button will enter switch-off mode; if unit is off (in standby mode), press this button will enter switch-on mode.

4-Speed Button: press this button to set air rate you want: high, med, low.

5-Mode Button: press this button,it advances the operation mode as follows: cool -dry-fan(heat for cooling and heating model)—auto

6-Tempitime Button: in usual, press this button to adjust setting temperature within a range of 16‘c(61°f) to 32’s (90“f).

7-Swing  Button: pressing this button will adjust the air swinging direction or the air delivery in fixed direction.

Koppel Air Conditioner Circuit Diagram
Koppel Air Conditioner Circuit Diagram

Koppel Window Type AC Manual PDF

Koppel Super Inverter AC Manual PDF


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  1. gdpm sir/ma’am tanong lang po ako kong ano problema and A/C koppel inverter sa remote ok naman sya pero sa disply sa unit at hindi lumalabas yong kanyang temp. naka problema ay –88 ECO. thanks

  2. My Inverter split type shows E5 error & I can’t start my a/c for 4 days now how can fix it do I need to replace T2 which is evaporator pipe sensor according to troubleshooting guide .

  3. Sir good morning po.manga sir tanong kulang Po ano problema Kong nag p6 Yung koppel cm model;KV36DU-ARF21 lumalabas sa outdoor

    • Hi, E3: Indoor fan speed has been out of control. When indoor fan speed keeps too low (300RPM) for certain time, the unit will stop and the LED will display the failure. Supposed causes: Wiring mistake, Fan ass’y faulty, Fan motor faulty, PCB faulty

  4. sir anu ang remedy pag nag error siya ng p1 yung super inverter na aircon aandar siya tapos mamamatay tapos mag p1 after few second aaandar ulit pls response

  5. after cleaning the indoor unit of my koppel super inverter 2.5hp, the unit does not switch ON, no display at all, even i did the manual botton pushed,, who can help me with these problem

  6. good day! what is possible cause if the system always E,C.P6?P4? can u pls rply my message!the unit is vrf thanks god bless…

    • p4 and p6 is almost same error you should be check first power supply and then check the ipm board using tester by continuity,,

  7. Ano ba yan, bakit di sinasagot ng Koppel ang mga inquiries dito. kase and AC namin wall mounted Koppel super inverter, displays and E3 code. May nagtanong wala namang sagot.

  8. What is tje other problem of EC error code if the refrigerant is ok. İf you reset the breaker the unit the unit will run again..

    • hi same problem tayo. pero nkalagay sa code ng koppel eh leak refrigerant. pero nung nag check ako ng refrigerant ok na man karga. kaya nag dicide kame mg palit ng board. pero kinukonfirm pa nmen kung un nga. my alam kba na manual ng koppel.”

  9. Good day mga bossing anu po b ung FC n nka indicate s floor mntd unit 3tr inverter…anu po b dpat gwen dun kxe hnd gunagana ung remote dun…thank you in advance mga bossing

  10. A 5 tonner non-inverter koppel unit displayed an FE code,unfortunately,there is no such code listed,any help & idea regarding this?
    Thank you!

  11. How do i repair E1 error code,actually we replaced new communication control, but it doesnt work, we replaced also capacitor but it doesnt work also.. is it possible that the main board of outdoor unit is the big problem please send me advice how to resolve this E1 error code.

  12. My Suoer Inverter AC is just 1 week old and now EC displayed and could not ON/OFF the aircon. I tried to refresh the breaker but still EC code displayed.
    How can we trouble shoot this OR if the A/C is defective, should it be replaced with a new unit?


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