Videocon Air Conditioner Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Videocon Industries Limited is an all-Indian multinational conglomerate with headquarters in Mumbai. The group currently has 17 manufacturing sites in India, along with plants in Mainland China, Italy, Poland, and Mexico. Offering the world its appliances that are not just easily accessible but mostly locally manufactured.

Founded in 1085 in Aurangabad by Nandlal Madhavalal Dhoot, the company back then manufactured 100000 tv sets per year. Additionally, they were the first corporation that started manufacturing colored televisions in India and brought it forward to the new era. To this date the company is constantly working on new appliances, offering customers the best the world has to offer.

Error codes are a common issue you may face with various appliances in your house or workplace. Rather than panicking, we suggest you grab a pen and paper and note down the code rather than pressing various buttons. This can commonly result in prolonging the issue or even causing more issues in the long run. So why risk damaging your appliance any further, when you will be able to find out the exact issue using the common error code list for Videocon air conditioner error codes listed below. Once you know the exact issue you can easily call in a professional, or fix the issue yourself.

Codes List

Air conditioners had been installed self diagnosis system to display the information for the units.

Error CodesSolutions
E0Open the door fault. Flicker 3times/8s
E1Outdoor tube temperature sensor faults. Flicker 4 times/8s
E2Room temperature sensor fault. Flicker 1 times/8s
E3Coil temperature sensor. Flicker 2 times/8s
E5Indoor fan fault. Flicker 6 times/8s
E6(EEPROM) communication failures. Flicker 6 times/8s
E7External feedback fault. Flicker 7 times/8s
E8Over heat protection/Defrosting. Flicker 3 tlmes/8s
FFNorth American environment outside temperature erceeds the scope. Flicker 1 times/1s
dFDefrost indication. Flicker 1 time/1s
Fan motor picture not runningAnti cold wind. Flicker 1 time/1s

Note: Above self check information is commonly applicable in our most air conditioners,but some are special,you can refer to the User’s Manual for information or contact the dealer or authorized maintenance people for help.

Selection of installation positions for outdoor unit

  • To install the outdoor unit at the places which can stand the load of the machine weight and will not cause big vibrations and noises;
  • To install the unit at the places not to be exposed to rain or direct sunshine, and the places with good ventilation;
  • The noises generated from the unit will not affect the neighboring places;
  • Do not install the unit on non-metal frame;
  • Not to install the unit at the places where there might occur the generation, inflow, stay or leakage of inflammable gases;
  • Pay attention to the drainage of the condensed water from the base plate during operations;
  • To avoid the air outlet being directly against the wind.

Self-Check Information

Videocon Air Conditioner Error Codes
Videocon Air Conditioner Error Codes

Selection of installation positions for indoor unit

  • To be installed at the position where the air delivered from the unit can reach every corner of the room;
  • To avoid being affected by the outdoor air;
  • To avoid blockage to the air inlet or outlet of the unit;
  • To avoid too much oil smoke or steam;
  • To avoid possible generation, inflow, lingering or leakage of flammable gases;
  • To avoid high-frequency facilities (such as high frequency arc welders, etc.);
  • To avoid the places where acid solutions are frequently used;
  • To avoid the places where some special sprayers (sulfides) are frequently used.
  • Not to install on top of the musical instruments,TV,computer etc.valuab|e appliance.
  • Not to install a fire alarming device near the air outlet of the unit (during operation, the fire alarm device might be erroneously triggered by the warm air from the unit)

Detailed space requirements around the outdoor unit

Detailed space requirements around the outdoor unit
Detailed space requirements around the outdoor unit

Manual Pdf

Videocon VS5C3 Series Installation And Repair Manual PDF

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