Gree Multi Inverter Error Codes

The repair personnel shall collect the error information as more as possible for careful study and list those electric or system parts that might cause the error. Then, the repair personnel shall be able to identify the specific cause of error and find out the problem parts.

1.1 Trouble Display of Indoor Unit
1.2 Trouble and State Display of Mainboard LED of Outdoor Unit
1.3 Number of indoor units display
4.1Outdoor Unit
4.2 Removal and Assembly of Indoor Unit
5.1 Outdoor Unit
5.2 Indoor Unit

Gree Multi İnverter Error Codes E1-E2-E3-E4-E5-E6-E9

Gree Multi İnverter Error Codes E1-E2-E3-E4-E5-E6-E9


Warning mark code:

  • Main wire controller mark -HO
  • Slave wire controller mark -SL
  • Mark of confilcting with the effective main wire controller -CH
  • Mark of eliminating main wire-CL
  • No main indoor unit-No
  • Romote shield -CC
  • Key locked -EE


Number of indoor units display

Number of indoor units display



27 Responses to Gree Multi Inverter Error Codes

  1. Hank Gibson says:

    Hi All,
    MY CHIGO window A/C unit giving me a Error (E3) code can any of you good people help me to resolve this matter? Thank you

  2. tariq says:

    i installed a new gree inverter now i have a lot of problems for cooling ,bcos when installed any ac shopkeeper maybe he losed the nut and remove the all gas now again charge gas r 410 but not same cooling before when installed first have problems when i charge gas then going ampair taken 9.0 and gage is 130 something and suddenly going ampair 5.00something and pressur going back above 200 and not cooling plz help us what we do?


    I have an error of high pressure protection for the compressor what could b the problem

  4. Abdul baree says:

    Dear sir or madom we will like know Gree inverter sling casset L1 errcod

  5. eng mengchhun says:

    I have problam error code e6

  6. Muhammad Ali Ahassan says:

    My Gree 3 ton GS-36CZ Split Type Air Conditioner indoor unit display giving me errors. Sometime E1 somtume E2 and after showing error Air Conditioner goes stand by. Please help me to resolve the matter.

  7. Marvin says:

    Indoor room temperature failure Error code F0 how to remove this is new unit less than a month being installed

  8. glenn says:

    my inverter got E6 error when it rains, why is that? What can I do to prevent it from happening again?

  9. Cesar S Nunez says:

    My indoor unit flashes an E4 Code.What must i do?

    • Roger Lee says:

      E4 is a high discharge temp protection of the compressor. Check the condenser fan and coil and check the super heat as as the super heat increases the discharge temp will go with it. We generally find that the unit has a leak somewhere.

  10. Ruben appadoo says:

    If indoor show E5 and outdoor units show E6???

  11. Royce Solomon says:

    Good day,I have a Gree inverter air conditioning unit model # MD1223 ,which keeping error code. FF and PF. Don’t. Know the code.

  12. Azmat Mahmood says:

    Error EE IN in door unit what shuld I do

  13. ummer khan says:

    i have gree 4 ton free stand unit 220v 3phase error showing E1

  14. Prasad says:

    York unit showing e2 how ican solve compressor trips when I switch on

  15. tikaram basyal says:

    dear sir i have error code pf(electric box sensor error) how i can solve it??

  16. Wally says:

    E9 Code on my Gree Inverter under ceiling unite

  17. Muhsinkassem says:

    i have gibson split unit display error e9..please advise me what should i check to resolve the problem

    thank you

    • oliver says:

      i have the same problem . .in control shows E9. how can i fixed this? can i removed the small pump motor in outdoor? no prob. if i direct the waterdrain line?

  18. hafeez says:

    my gree chiller show me fc in display

  19. Mwebembezi asap kabs says:

    Am a student of refrigeration course and would like to know meaning of air conditioner error codes in details eg(f1,f2,f3 etc) and how to rectify them

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