Rheem Pool Heat Pump Error Codes

OFF – The desired programmed temperature point is lower than 60°F (15°C).

LP & LP3 – Shortage of refrigerant gas in the unit or faulty low pressure control. The unit will show (LP3) after 3 LP faults and shuts down the unit and pool pump for protection. If this occurs, you should call for service.

HP & HP6 – Low water flow in the unit or faulty high pressure control. Check water flow/backwash. The unit will show (HP6) after 6 HP faults. This will stop the unit for protection.

FLo & FL3 – Possible causes:

• The filter is in backwash position.
• The filter pump is stopped.
• The filter is dirty.
• Shortage of water to pool pump.
• Water pressure switch must be adjusted or it is broken.
• The unit is in the protection mode and will show (FL3), press any key to restart the unit.
FL3 code will stop the unit and pool pump.

FS – Unit is in the defrosting cycle. (The fan works but the compressor is stopped.)

2 Responses to Rheem Pool Heat Pump Error Codes

  1. Diane says:

    what does roll out sw open mean?

    • A.J. Luthy says:

      Means that the fire from the heater is rolling out of the bottom of the heater usually caused by soot buildup on heatexchang

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