Rheem Pool Heat Pump Error Codes With Solutions

Rheem is a leading brand that offers customers a great experience, but there comes a time when you come face to face with an error code. At such a point in time, we suggest you note down the issue and match it using the Rheem Pool Heat Pump error codes list below.

Error Messages

Alarm codeDescription
E0probe 1 error (control)
E1probe 2 error (defrost)
E2probe 3 error (cond)
IAexternal alarm
dORopen door alarm
LOlow temperature alarm
HIhigh temperature alarm
EEunit parameter error
EFoperating parameter error
Eddefrost ended by timeout
dFdefrost running
chtdirty condenser pre-alarm
CHtdirty condenser alarm
EtCclock alarm

OFF – The desired programmed temperature point is lower than 60°F (15°C).

LP & LP3 – Shortage of refrigerant gas in the unit or faulty low pressure control. The unit will show (LP3) after 3 LP faults and shuts down the unit and pool pump for protection. If this occurs, you should call for service.

HP & HP6 – Low water flow in the unit or faulty high pressure control. Check water flow/backwash. The unit will show (HP6) after 6 HP faults. This will stop the unit for protection.

FLo & FL3 – Possible causes

• The filter is in backwash position.
• The filter pump is stopped.
• The filter is dirty.
• Shortage of water to pool pump.
• Water pressure switch must be adjusted or it is broken.
• The unit is in the protection mode and will show (FL3), press any key to restart the unit.
FL3 code will stop the unit and pool pump.

FS – Unit is in the defrosting cycle. (The fan works but the compressor is stopped.)


Rheem Pool Heat Pump Control Panel
Rheem Pool Heat Pump Control Panel

Caution! Any troubleshooting involving electrical or refrigeration must only be carried out by Licensed Persons. Any electrical work is to be undertaken with the unit electrically isolated.

Machine Will Not Start

As a safety feature, the Heat Pump has a programmed time delay between provision of power and unit start, usually a few minutes. Wait for this time delay before making the following checks:

  • Check electrical supply to the unit is ON.
  • Check phases are in correct rotation (for three phase units only) Red and Green lights lit on Phasefail sequence relay. If red light is lit only this indicates a loss of phase or incorrect
  • Check water flow
  • Check electrical for loose connections and wiring.
  • Check supply fuse.
  • Check thermostat is correctly set.
Rheem Pool Heat Pump Troubleshooting
Rheem Pool Heat Pump Troubleshooting

Pool Will Not Heat;

  • Check that the ejected air temperature is colder than incoming air. Check that the evaporator and internal pipes sweating. This is evidence of heat removal from the air, suggesting that the heater is working.
  • Check inlet louvres, outlet grill and condenser coil has satisfactory airflow and is not clogged.
  • Check that thermostat is correctly set
  • Check that water pump is running
  • Check water filter is operational
  • Check that inlet valves are not closed
  • Check ambient air temperature suits design standards


Rheem Heat Pump Installation, Maintenance PDF

Rheem Pool Heat Pump Installation PDF

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  1. I have a Rheem MS6350T-E pool heat pump. When I turned it on today it gives me a code dEL. Can’t find the code? Do you know what the code is? Thanks, Larry

  2. Unit won’t start, no spark. Error code says 5w or Sw. When I turn the pump all the way up the unit starts to spark, but doesn’t light. My pump has 4 power settings, I run it on #2, if I turn it all the way up to #4 it tries to spark but doesn’t light. How do you replace the spark mechanism and do I need to replace the pressure sensor?


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