TCL Air Conditioner Error Codes

Protection and Fault Codes
Fault Code
E0 Indoor/outdoor communication faultEC outdoor communication fault
E1 Room temperature sensor (IRT)
E2 Indoor pipe (coil) temperature sensor (IPT)
E3 Outdoor pipe (coil) temperature sensor (OPT)
E4 System abnormal
E5 Model configuration wrong
E6 Indoor fan motor fault
E7 Outdoor temperature sensor
E8 Exhaust temperature sensor
E9 Intelligent power module of drive and module fault
EF Outdoor fan motor fault (DC Motor)
EA Current sensor fault
EP Temperature switch fault (on top of the compressor)
EU Voltage sensor fault
EH Intake temperature sensor

Protection Code

P1 Overvoltage / undervoltage protection
P2 Overcurrent protection
P4 Exhaust overtemperature protection
P5 Subcooling protection under cooling mode
P6 Overheating protection under cooling mode
P7 Overheating protection under heating mode
P8 Outdoor overtemperature / undertemperature protection
P9 Drive protection (software control )
P0 Module protection (hardware control)


55 Responses to TCL Air Conditioner Error Codes

  1. bhavani says:

    In my home ac showing ec wt it seems.. Tel me wt to do?

  2. wayne saaiman says:

    good day, what can I do if display show code E0 it is on but only blow air. the compressor is not coming on.

  3. Martin Hekman says:

    The error code is E5, what could be the solution for this.

  4. jose jeffrey says:

    i have this error code on my tcl portable aircon its showing pf and its not working anymore, is there a way to resolve this issue? hoping for your reply.

    thank you

  5. charmain says:

    E2 code showing and Power light on please help

  6. Ko Phyo says:

    E1 how to solve this?Please tell me.

    • Tony says:

      Plug in there the first noise bip like a music 2 sound then e1 appear on led nothing work after.anyone any idea. Thank you

  7. nols says:

    Nothing work on tcl hw 2 fix ipm

  8. Amrizal says:

    Out door tidak bisa hidup..krn dari indoor tidak ngoper ..

  9. Mahmoud says:

    Winking continuously “FT” ?! What is the problem ?

  10. Ron henshaw says:

    I have a ec cod what can I do

  11. omid says:

    Hi I have a 48000 btu tcl split type that has anan error e5 please help me for remove thank u

  12. Aung Naing Win says:

    I have error with E6,how can I resolve it?

  13. Aboud says:

    Hi i have a P6 problem?
    What do i do?

  14. Yiannis says:

    What to do with error code E9?

  15. Mohammed Alhoni says:

    I have E5code, what shall i do???

  16. Vignesh says:

    EC falte

  17. mohammad sadeghi says:

    I have error cod E6 how can resolve it tanks for your answer

  18. Bolormaa says:

    The error code is E5, what could be the solution for this./TCL Floor standing-5HP/

  19. AViernes says:

    Error code E6, how can it be resolved. Thank you

    • Yan says:

      I have the same problem with my TCL split type error showing E6 and it’s not working, can someone tell me what to do? Please help, thank you

  20. leanya leanya says:

    I have TCL 30btu, it indicates E6,in it is not working! Please help me.

  21. Hendrick says:

    Hi please help me with a Cassette unit model number is TCA-48CHR1 the alarm light is flushing non stop.

  22. Amanda says:

    TCL Air con is showing EU. What do I do??

  23. Jefferson says:

    Meu ar condicionado portátil tcl de 1200 btus fica piscando CL no display já fiz a limpeza e não some. Como faço para tirar?

  24. Rochelle says:

    Our unit is showing error E9 what do we do

  25. John says:

    our unıt show e4- what does ıt mean when error code says system abnormal

  26. Ashish says:

    I have a EC code. What shoud i do? Tell me plz…

  27. Kovilen says:

    Non invter air conditioner indicate EF

  28. sewer says:

    hello i have P1 error?? what I do it?

  29. liz says:

    What does it mean ER appear on TVL inverter aircon

  30. mohammad sadeghi says:

    hai I have a 12000 btu but i have error E6
    how can i resolve it?
    best regard sadeghi

  31. Gilles says:

    Hello !I have a E7 error. What should i do?

  32. sularto javas kencana says:

    how to solve E5 error

  33. Stacey Newson says:

    How do I solve problem EF?

  34. Brandon Leo says:


    I have a 48000 Btu ducted TCL airconditioner which displays E2 on the wired controller. I have replaced the indoor coil sensor with a new one after checking the TCL error codes but the E2 code wont go away. Unit only runs for a couple of seconds, then shut down. What could be the problem now?

  35. Mr zahoor muhobuth says:

    Dear Sir, I would really appreciate if someone can help me.i just bought and install a brand new TCL unit 12,000 btu and used the perfect size of cable according to the manufacturer instruction,but the unit switch on and after 2 minutes it just indicating E0…what should be done? I even swap the pcb from another new one but still it is the same…

  36. Kylie says:

    My unit is showing a P6 error code. How do I fix this please?

  37. Giselle says:

    What is the meaning when it appears EA? Is this bad? My ac is not working, there is no cool at all, what should we do? Please reply.

  38. Vanb says:

    Am getting error code P6 and unit not working. What should I do?

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