Blue Star AC Error Codes – Causes and How to Easily Fix Them

Blue Star Ltd, is an Indian multinational home appliance corporation with headquarters in Mumbai, Spekizing in air conditioning, MEP, and commercial refrigeration the company offers more than 78 years of experience. Along with a wide range of products, it is the second-largest homegrown player in the air conditioning sector.

Founded in 1943 by Mohan T Advani as a reconditioning corporation, because Blue Star the manufacturer of ice candy machines, and bottle coolers, and eventually found its way to central air conditioning projects that lead to water coolers. With the passage of time the company kept growing and found its way to Dubai. Taking on new ventures from electric, firefighting, and plumbing contracts on national and international levels.

Blue Star might be a high-ranking company, but from time to time customers have complained about system errors. Fortunately, most of these errors can be fixed on your own. So rather than ignoring the error codes, your appliance is showing its time to note down the Blue Star air conditioner error code and get to the bottom of the problem. To help you out we have listed down the most common error codes of Blue Star air conditioners.

Codes List

Blue Star Ductable AC, Window AC, Inverter AC:

Error CodesProblem
E1ODU coil medium-high error
E2IDU coil frozen protection
E4Discharge temperature high error
E5AC input over current protection
E6Communication error
E8Zero crossing error
ECRefrigerant leak detection
F1Indoor room temperature sensor error
F2IDU coil temperature sensor error
F3Ambient temperature sensor error
F4ODU coil temperature sensor error
F5ODU discharge temperature sensor error
P3Drive phase current over load fault
P4DC bus bar high voltage and low voltage protection
P7IPM error
P5Compressor phase current protection
P8IPM over high temperature protection
PHAC over voltage and under voltage protection
L1Drive phase voltage over load protection
L2Drive phase voltage over low protection
L3Outdoor DC fan fault
L4Phase current sampling abnormal
LCCompressor out of step fault
LCCompressor startup failure
H6IDU fan motor error


Symptoms: Unit does not start

Possible Causes: MCB has tripped

Suggested Remedy: Reset MCB

Symptoms: Fuse has burnt

Possible Causes:

  1. Input voltage to the stabiliser is below acceptable range
  2. Replace fuse wire

Suggested Remedy:

  1. If the input voltage to the stabiliser is below the acceptable range, the airconditioner will not turn on

Symptoms: Unit does not cool even after the normal time delay of approx. 2 minutes

Possible Causes:

  1. Compressor is off (not in Auto or Cool Mode)
  2. The airflow paths of either or both the indoor & outdoor units are not free
  3. The air-filter is not clean

Suggested Remedy:

  1. Use the remote to turn the compressor on
  2. Remove all obstructions to make the airflow paths free
  3. Clean the air-filter

NOTE: If the unit still does not work, or if any other types of symptoms are encountered, shut off the mains (switch fuse unit) and call the service engineer/technician.

Remote Control

Blue Star Air Conditioner Remote Control
Blue Star Air Conditioner Remote Control
Blue Star Hi-Wall Inverter Split Airconditioner - Cordless Remote Control - Model HNHW24CA
Blue Star Hi-Wall Inverter Split Airconditioner – Cordless Remote Control – Model HNHW24CA

Manual Pdf

Blue Star Air Conditioner Manual PDF

Blue Star HNHW18CA User Manual PDF

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  1. Bluestar AC is basically third class AC based on my experience I badly had. Its parts are of poor quality, service centres technicians are not well versed with repairs, loss of hard earned money.

  2. There is some issue with our blue start inverter ac after some time there is blinking 6 and then outdoor is not working cooling stops. We contact to coustomer care then send one thechnician he Chang communication wire and then also same issue. Please help me what can do for this issue

  3. There is a issue that our blue star 5 star inverter 1 tone after some time there is 6 blink some times 19 blink on the screen.
    So please tell a solution of error code.
    Thank you..

    • Hey my name is sonal we are suffering same things. Our AC is also not working properly there is blinking 6 after some time 2 3 times we contact coustomer service please tell me what should I do.
      What things u did for your ac
      Please give me reply asap
      Thank you

  4. There is a issue that our blue star 5star inverter 1.5 tone stops after some time and there is FC on the screen. So please tell a solution of error code FC. Please.
    Thank you..


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