Costway AC Error Codes List and Solutions

In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on Costway Portable Air Conditioner Error Codes. We will discuss the common error codes, their meaning, and the possible causes of these errors. We will also suggest troubleshooting steps and solutions to help you solve these issues.

Portable AC Codes

Never repair or remove the air-conditioner yourself. Disqualified repair will void the warranty card and may cause harm to the removal personnel and property. If you encounter any of the problems listed in the table below or the recommended remedy does not work, contact the professional service agency.

Error CodesSolution
E0Communication faults between main PCB and display PCB. Check the wire harness of the display PCB for damage.
E1Ambient temperature sensor failure. Check connection or replace it. To clean or replace the temperature sensor.
E2Coil temperature sensor failures. Check connection or replace it. To clean or replace the temperature sensor.
E3Evaporator temperature sensor failed. Replace evaporator temperaturesensor.
E4Anti-freeze protection. Restore the functions automatically once defrozen.
FTCondensate water high level alarm. Empty the drain pan by removing the rubber plug.
FLThe air conditioning is in alarm condition in the full water tank.

Control Panel and Display

Costway Portable Ac Control Panel And Display
Costway Portable AC Control Panel And Display


Good maintenance will extend the life of the machine. Prolonged or constant use may require more intensivemaintenance for the machine to continue to function properly. The table includes some of the most commonproblems, their causes and remedies.

Water Leakage1. Overflow while moving the unit. Empty the water tank before transport. 2. Check if drain hose is kinked or bent. Straighten the hose to avoid a trap firm ground.
Full water indicator illuminatesThe water in the base plate of the unit reaches the full water level. Drain the water in the base plate.
The remote control does not workThe remote control does not point toward the receiving head of the remote control. Bring the remote control close to the air-conditioner and ensure that the remote control points toward the receiving head of the remote control.
The compressor does not workInitiation of overheat protection. Wait 3 minutes until the temperature decreases and then turn on the unit.
Large noiseAir-conditioner not put on a flat surface. Put the air-conditioner in a flat and firm place.
Bad cooling or heating effects1. There is direct sunlight. Draw the curtain on. 2. Filter mesh very dirty. Clean or replace the filter mesh.

Remote Control

Costaway AC Remote Control Operation
Costaway AC Remote Control Operation

How do I clean the filter on my Costway portable air conditioner?

How do I clean the filter on my Costway portable air conditioner
How do I clean the filter on my Costway portable air conditioner

Dust collects on the filter and restricts the airflow. The restricted air flow reduces the efficiency of the system and if it becomes blocked it can cause damage to the unit. The air filter requires regular cleaning. The air filter is removable for easy cleaning. Do not operate the unit without an air filter, or the evaporator may be contaminated.

  1. Press power button to switch off the unit and unplug the power cord.
  2. Remove the filter mesh from the unit.
  3. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck dust from the filter.
  4. Turn the filter over and rinse the air filter under running water. Let the water run through the filter in the opposite direction of air flow. Set aside and allow the filter to air dry completely before reinstalling.
Costway Portable AC
Costway Portable AC


  1. Costway Portable AC User’s Manual PDF

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