Electriq AC Error Codes List With Fixes

Electriq air conditioners may display various error codes to indicate specific issues or malfunctions. Here are some common Electriq AC error codes and their meanings:

Most Common Codes

Error CodesMeaning
F0Abnormal zero passage of PG motor
F1Abnormal communication between indoor unit and outdoor unit
F2Open circuit or short circuit of Tr sensor
F3Open circuit or short circuit of Tp sensor
F4Malfunction of indoor fan
E9Open circuit or short circuit of PM 2.5 sensor
F5Malfunction of outdoor module
F6Open circuit or short circuit of outdoor temp sensor
F7Open circuit or short circuit of outdoor coil temp sensor
F8Open circuit or short circuit of compressorsuction temp sensor
F9Open circuit or short circuit of compressorextraction temp sensor
FAMalfunction of current and potential transformer
FCMalfunction of compressor drive
FDPower phase sequence fault or open phase fault
FEOpen circuit or short circuit of air return sensor
FHMalfunction of outdoor DC fan
FbMulti-split mode conflict protection

Outdoor Board Fault Codes

Error CodesMeaning
E0Fault of communication between coordination board and driver board
ECFault of communication between variable frequency module and outdoor unit
E0A1# indoor communication fault
E0B2# indoor communication fault
E0C3# indoor communication fault
E0D4# indoor communication fault
E0E5# indoor communication fault
E10Weak current communication fault
E9Variable frequency drive/module fault
EPCompressor shell roof switch fault
EUVoltage sensor fault
E3T3 temperature sensor fault
E7T4 temperature sensor fault
E8Exhaust temperature sensor fault
EHAir return temperature sensor fault
EtA1#T2B1 temperature sensor fault
EtB2#T2B2 temperature sensor fault
EtC3#T2B3 temperature sensor fault
EtD4#T2B4 temperature sensor fault
EtE5#T2B5 temperature sensor fault
P0IPM module protection
P9Compressor drive fault protection
P9HP dial setting fault
P1Low-voltage protection
P2Compressor current protection
P4Exhaust gas high temperature protection
H1High-voltage switch protection
H2Low-voltage switch protection
P6Refrigerator T3 overheat protection


Electriq AC Remote Control
Electriq AC Remote Control

Trouble: The unit does not work


  1. No power supply
  2. Water-full indicator illuminated
  3. Timer function is active
  4. Room temperature too low or too high


  1. Power-on and turn on the unit
  2. Drain the internal water tank
  3. Cancel Timer function
  4. Use only in ambient temperatures between 7-35℃

Trouble: The unit does not seem to perform


  1. In direct sunlight
  2. Windows or doors open. Large amount of people or a heat source in the room
  3. Filter is very dirty
  4. Air inlet or air outlet is blocked
  5. Room temperature is lower than setting temperature


  1. Draw the curtains, UV affects RC
  2. Close windows and turn on another air conditioner
  3. Clean or change the air filter
  4. Clear out debris
  5. Change the setting temperature

Trouble: The unit loud

Reason: The unit is not put on flat surface

Solution: Put the unit on flat and hard surface

Trouble: Compressor does not work

Reason: Overheating protection is active


  1. Check venting.
  2. Restart the unit after 5 minutes when compressor has cooled

Trouble: Remote control doesn’t work


  1. Operating distance is too far.
  2. Control panel has not received the signal from remote control.
  3. The batteries are flat


  1. Move remote control closer to the unit and make sure it aims at the air-outlet grille
  2. Replace the batteries

Wiring Diagram

Electriq AC Electrical Wiring Diagrams-eIQ-9WMINV
Electriq AC Electrical Wiring Diagrams-eIQ-9WMINV

Manual Pdf

Electriq AC Manual PDF

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