Fujitsu General AC Error Codes – Problems And Their Meaning

General is a side brand created by Fujitsu General Limited. A Japanese original that manufactures and markets humidity control solutions, and air conditioning units. With manufacturing units in Thailand and India, the company is set to offer you a general section of units that can help you get the job done.

General window air conditioners were a powerhouse and made a name for themselves. Making general a household brand that was commonly found in every other home. With the power to control the thermostat, it came with a powerful system that backed its name. However, there were times when the General air conditioner did not perform up to its potential, an issue that was commonly seen after an error in the system.

To help you out we have listed down some of the most common error codes for Fujitsu General ACs. Start by noting down the error code, and match it using the list below. Once you have the error code you can easily work your way to the fix. Rather than spending hours and spending hundreds trying to figure out what is wrong with your General AC unit.

Mini Split Codes

Error CodesMeaning
01Indoor unit doesn’t accept signal from outdoor unit
02Room temperature sensor open
03Room temperature sensor short-circuited
04Indoor heat exchanger temperature sensor open
05Indoor heat exchanger temperature sensor short circuited
06Outdoor heat exchanger temperature sensor
08Power source connection error
09Float switch operated
0AOutdoor temperature sensor error
0cDischarge pipe temperature sensor
11Model abnormal/Indoor EPROM Abnormal
12Indoor fan abnormal
13Outdoor unit doesn’t accept the signal from indoor unit
14Excessive outdoor pressure (permanent stop)
15Compressor temperature sensor
16Pressure switch error
17IPM error
18CT error
19Active filter module (AFM) error
1ACompressor does not operate
1bOutdoor unit fan error
1cCommunication error (inverter to multi controller)
1d2 way valve sensor error
1EExpansion valve error
1FConnection indoor unit error

LED Flash Error Contents

1 flashCommunication error (Indoor unit to Outdoor unit)
2 flashDischarge pipe temperature sensor
3 flashOutdoor heat exchanger temperature sensor
4 flashOutdoor temperature sensor
7 flashCompressor temperature sensor
8 flashHeat sink temperature sensor
9 flashPressure switch abnormal
12 flashIPM error
13 flashCompressor rotor position cannot detect
14 flashCompressor cannot operate/Start up error
15 flashOutdor fan abnormal (upper fan)
16 flashOutdoor fan abnormal (lower fan)

Outdoor Unit Display Codes

Fujitsu General Outdoor Unit Display Error Display
Fujitsu General Outdoor Unit Display Error Display
Error CodesCause
11Outdoor communication signal error (Forward transfer signal error)
8Outdoor discharge pipe temperature thermistor error
5Outdoor heat exchanger temperature thermistor error
7Outdoor temperature thermistor error
212-way valve temperature thermistor error
223-way valve temperature thermistor error
12Compressor temperature thermistor error
19Heat sink temperature thermistor error
13Pressure switch error
23Connected indoor unit error
14IPM error
17Compressor rotor location cannot detect(permanent stop)
20Compressor Start-up error (permanent stop)
18Outdoor unit fan motor error
24Main CPU - sub CPU communication error
324-way valve error
Fujitsu AC Standard Error Codes (all indoor units from 2013)
Fujitsu AC Standard Error Codes (all indoor units from 2013)

Wired Remote Controller Codes List

Error CodesProblem
00No error
02Model information abnormal
04Power supply frequency abnormal
06EEPROM access error
07EEPROM deletion error
09Room temperature themistor error
0AIndoor unit heat exchanger themistor (middle) error
0bIndoor unit heat exchanger themistor (inlet) error
0CIndoor unit heat exchanger themistor (outlet) error
0dBlower temperature themistor error
11Drain abnormal
12Room temperature abnormal
13Indoor unit fan error
1FTransmission error
20Node setting error
21Parallel communication error
32Outdoor unit error
35Manual auto switch error
41Room error
42Indoor unit Heat Ex. sensor error
51Indoor unit fan motor error
53Water Drain error
50Indoor unit error
62Outdoor unit main PCB error
63Inverter PCB error
65IPM error
71Discharge thermistor error
86Pressure sensor error
97Outdoor unitfan motor1 error
A1Discharge temperature 1 error
A3Compressor temperature error
A5Pressure error 2
J2Unit flow divider error


Fujitsu General AC Troubleshooting
Fujitsu General AC Troubleshooting

In the event of a malfunction (burning smell, etc.), immediately stop operation, turn off the electrical breaker and consult authorized service personnel. Merely turning off the unit’s power switch will not completely disconnect the unit from the power source. Always be sure to turn off the electrical breaker to ensure that power is completely off.

Before requesting service, perform the following checks:

Symptom: Doesn’t operate immediately:


  • If the indoor unit is stopped and then immediately started again, the compressor will not operate for about 3 minutes, in order to prevent fuse blowouts.
  • Whenever the electrical breaker is turned off then on again the protection circuit will operate for about 3 minutes, preventing unit operation during that period.

Symptom: Noise is heard


  • During operation or immediately after stopping the unit, the sound of water fl owing in the air conditioner’s piping may be heard. Also, noise may be particularly noticeable for about 2 to 3 minutes after starting operation (sound of refrigerant fl owing).
  • During operation, a slight squeaking sound may be heard. This is the result of minute expansion and contraction of the front panel due to temperature changes.
  • During Heating operation, a sizzling sound may be heard occasional. This sound is produced by the Automatic Defrosting operation.

Symptom: Smells

Problem: Some smell may be emitted from the indoor unit. This smell is the result of room smells (furniture, tobacco, etc.) which have been taken into the indoor unit.

If the problem persists after performing these checks, or if you notice burning smells, or the OPERATION Indicator Lamp and the TIMER Indicator Lamp flashes, and ECONOMY Indicator Lamp flashes fast. Immediately stop operation, turn off the electrical breaker and consult authorized service personnel.

Remote Control Meaning

Fujitsu General AC Remote Control
Fujitsu General AC Remote Control

Manual Pdf

Fujitsu General Manual PDF

Fujitsu AC Error Codes


*If you can't find the code you're looking for on our site, please let us know, and we'll update our database as soon as possible.

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  1. I have a Fujitsu split A.C. system that was installed in Oct 2017. Recently the inside units have quit working and flash a 10 1 code. A hard reset of the compressor fixes the problem temporarily, but the issue soon returns. Any info or advice?

  2. Hi,
    I am having an issue that my below product compressor is not working.
    Model No: ASGA18JCC 1.5 ton
    The timer light blinks two times and the technical person also said that the error code is 02. But the problem is that he is saying that the PCB will be replaced while the list says that it is an indoor unit thermostat error.
    What could be the possibilities for fixing these errors?


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