Fujitsu AC Error Codes – Causes and Solutions (Get Full List)

Fujitsu Limited is a multinational Japanese information and communications technology company that was established in 1935. With headquarters in Tokyo, the company has made an impact on the Asia, and international markets. Currently the largest company by annual revenue in Japan, the company focuses on producing a wide range of home and commercial appliances. Ranging from air conditioning to date storage they have you covered.

Additionally, the company has a wide range of groups and its appliance company runs under the name Fujitsu General. The company manufactures air conditioners, and humidity control solutions, and has taken the world by storm. Opening offices in different areas of the world, they are now one of the largest air conditioner manufacturers and suppliers.

While Fujitsu is a leading corporation, but there are times when consumers face a troubling error code that they are unable to decipher. For such days, we are here to help you with a simple solution. Start by noting down the error code, and match it using the list below. Once you have the error code you can easily work your way to the fix. To help you out we have listed down some of the most common error codes for Fujitsu ACs.

Fujitsu Halcyon Mini Split Codes

Fujitsu AC Wired Remote Controller, When EE:EE is displayed on remote control , press “Energy Save” & “Zone Control” buttons simultaneously for longer than 3 secs. The error code will then be displayed on the LCD.

Fujitsu AC Hardwired Remote Controller System Error Codes
Fujitsu AC Hardwired Remote Controller System Error Codes
Error CodesMeaning
E0:00Coms error - indoor to remote
E1:00Coms error - indoor to outdoor
E2:00Return air thermistor open circuit
E3:00Return air thermistor short circuit
E4:00Indoor coil thermistor open
E5:00Indoor coil thermistor shorted
E6:00Outdoor coil thermistor open
E7:00Outdoor coil thermistor shorted
EA:00Outdoor ambient thermistor open
Eb:00Outdoor ambient thermistor shorted
Ec:00Discharge pipe themistor open
Ed:00Discharge pipe thermistor shorted
EE:00High Pressure problem
EF:00Discharge pipe temp. Problem - too high = short of gas
OOID to RC Comms Fail
O1ID to OD Comms Fail
O2ID Air Sensor Open
O3ID Air Sensor Close
O4ID Pipe Sensor Open
O5ID Pipe Sensor Close
O6OD Pipe Sensor Fail
O8Power Source Connection Failure
O9Drain Problem Float switch operated
OAOD Air Sensor Fail
OCDischarge sensor Fail
OEOutdoor High Pressure Heatsink error
11OD PCB Fail
12ID Fan Fail
13OD Signal Abnormal ID signal error
15Compressor Temp Failure
16Pressure Switch Error
17IPM Error
18CT Error
19Active Filter Module Error
1ACompressor Failure
1BOD Fan Failure
1CInverter to PCB Comms Fail
1D2 Way Valve sensor Fail
1EExpansion Valve Error
1FConnection ID Unit Error
20Indoor manual switch abnormal
24Excessive high pressure protection on cooling
25PFC circuit error
26Indoor signal error
27Indoor signal error
28Indoor heat exchanger temperature error
29Outdoor heat exchanger temperature (middle) error
2APower supply frequency detection error
2BCompressor temperature error
2CFour-way valve abnormal

Press “Energy Save” & “Zone Control” buttons simultaneously for longer than 3 secs to return to normal operating mode.

Operation Flashing Lights

If you use a wired type remote controller, error codes will appear on the remote controller display. If you use a wireless remote controller, the lamp on the photo detector unit will output error codes by way of blinking patterns. See the lamp blinking patterns and error codes in the table below. An error display is displayed only during operation.

Fujitsu Air Conditioner Cassette Error Codes
Fujitsu Air Conditioner Cassette Error Codes
Red and Green LightCurrent Models
Off-2 FlashesReverse Comms Fail at Startup
Off-3 FlashesReverse Comms Fail In Use
Off-4 FlashesForward Comms Fail at Startup
Off-5 FlashesForward Comms Fail In Use
Off-8 FlashesWired Remote Control Failure
2 Flashes-2 FlashesIndoor Air Sensor Fail
2 Flashes-3 FlashesIndoor Pipe Sensor Fail
2 Flashes-4 FlashesIndoor heat exchanger sensor error
2 Flashes-6 FlashesFloat switch operated
3 Flashes-2 FlashesOD Disch Sensor Fail
3 Flashes-3 FlashesOD Pipe Sensor Fail
3 Flashes-4 FlashesOD Air Sensor Fail
3 Flashes-7 FlashesHeatsink Sensor Error
3 Flashes-8 FlashesCompressor Temp Sensor Fail
4 Flashes-2 FlashesForced Auto Switch Welded
4 Flashes-3 FlashesMain Relay Welded
4 Flashes-4 FlashesPower Failure
4 Flashes- 7 FlashesVDD Permament Stop Protection
4 Flashes-8 FlashesReverse VDD Permament Stop
5 Flashes-2 FlashesIPM Protection
5 Flashes-3 FlashesCT Abnormal
5 Flashes-5 FlashesCompressor Failure
5 Flashes-6 FlashesOutdoor Fan Failure
6 Flashes-2 FlashesID Fan Motor Locked
Flashes-3 FlashesID Fan Motor Rotation Error
7 Flashes- 2 FlashesHigh Discharge Temperature
7 Flashes- 3 FlashesHigh Pressure
7 Flashes-4 Flashes4-Way valve abnormal
7 Flashes- 5 FlashesPressure Switch Fail
7 Flashes-6 FlashesCompressor Temperature error
8 Flashes- 2 FlashesActive Filter AFM Fail 1st Time
8 Flashes- 3 FlashesActive Filter AFM Fail 2nd Time
8 Flashes-4 FlashesPFC Circuit Error
Blinking-BlinkingPCB Failure
Fujitsu Fault Codes Flashing Lights
Fujitsu Air Conditioner Flashing Lights- J2, A1, A3, A5
Wall Mounted Multi Models
Wall Mounted Multi Models
All Other Wireless Indoor Units AUY, ABY & AWY Models. Including Multi Systems (Not J Series or VRF)
All Other Wireless Indoor Units AUY, ABY & AWY Models. Including Multi Systems

Remote Controls Buttons Meaning

Fujitsu Air Conditioner Remote Control Meaning
Fujitsu Air Conditioner Remote Control Meaning
Fujitsu Wired Remote Controller Display Meaning
Fujitsu Wired Remote Controller Display Meaning


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  1. Hello,

    I have an Fujitsu Halcyon 18RMLQ 9+9. After a main power shutdown yesterday due by the winter storm, i wasn’t turn on normally.
    Actually, i have only one green flash ( timer) blinking every 7 to 10 seconds.
    What should i do ?

  2. hi have a split system Ac model number ASTG12LVCC and i am getting a fault code of 9operation green flashes and 7 timer orange flashes on the unit. i belive this is a issue with the outdoor fan motor.

    do you have any tips to fault find this issue

  3. I have Fujitsu air conditioner serial number ASTG09KMCA 240v.
    There is two flashing lights on the panel one that is flashing red like a clock and the other flashing green shape like a square with a round circle ⭕️ on top. What are these and how can I fix the system. Thank you.

  4. Hi.
    I have Fujitsu DC Inverter AC [Model: AOT36LATL & Serial No.: TOO8455] .Damper fault detected on users screen & it flashing ‘FAULT’ followed by “Damper” when I turn on my AC. Are you able to advice me how to fix it?


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