Shinco AC Error Codes List and Solution

Shinco Technology Co., Ltd is a Chinese manufacturer of consumer electronic appliances. These include but are not limited to air conditioners, heating pumps, DVD players, GPS, washing machines, and so much more. Offering the world the latest technology has to offer with more than 8000 employees at 12 manufacturing plants.

Over the past few years, Shinco has shown a keen interest in air conditioner systems, offering a new line that caters to both commercial and residential spaces. These include heating and cooling systems that can be installed individually to service various areas of your home or office space.

Regardless of how high a company is ranked, or how well the appliance is reviewed, you are at the risk of an error. An error is not here to tell you it’s time to switch out your appliance, it’s a direct signal from the device – one that tells the owner something is wrong with the system that needs to be fixed. So rather than ignoring the error codes, your appliance is showing its time to note down the Shinco AC error code and get to the bottom of the problem. To help you out we have listed down the most common error codes of Shinco AC.

Codes Table

Inverter Split System Air Conditioner R410A

Error CodesProblem
E0 Outdoor Discharge Pipe Sensor Fault
E1Indoor Air Sensor Is Faulty
E2Indoor Pipe Sensor Is Faulty
E3Indoor In-phase Motor Is Fault
E4Communication Fault Between Indoor Unit And Outdoor Unit
E5 Driver Board Is Fault
E6 Outdoor Sensor Is Fault
E7 Indoor Motor Faulty
E8Communication Signal Is Not Good
E9Power Board Is Fault
EEIndoor Pcb Baord Is Faulty
ECOudoor Communication Faulty
EACompressor Driver Board Is Faulty
EP Indoor Unit Don’t Match Outdoor Unit
P0 Driver Board Is Fault
P1OCR Triped
P2Power Board Is Fault
P3IPDU Is Fault
P4 Indoor Unit Don’t Match Outdoor Unit
P5 Electric Current Is Too High
P6The Voltage Is Not Stable
P7Pfc Faulty
P8Indoor Motor Feedback Faulty
FLWater full status

Note: The fault code doesn’t display directly, and it will display as following instruction:

Press the ON/OFF button 6 times within 7 seconds, there will be three DU sound on indoor unit, and the indoor unit will display the fault code.

Shinco Portable AC Codes

Shinco Portable AC Error Codes
Shinco Portable AC Error Codes
  • E2 Room temperature sensor error
  • E3 Coil pipe sensor error
  • FL Water full status

Caution: When “df” is displayed, the air conditioner is in anti-freezing or defrosting state, and this is a normal phenomenon.

Shinco Air Conditioner Remote Control
Shinco Air Conditioner Remote Control


Before calling a repair man, please check the followings:

Symptom: The air conditioner does not work

Possible reason:

  • Problem with the remote control.
  • Problem with the voltage. Please shut the power, wait 3 minutes and restart the unit.
  • Verify the circuit breaker or fuse.

Symptom: The unit does not blow warm air in heating mode

Possible reason:

  • The compressor is in a delay mode (to protect the compressor there are several minutes delay for every start) wait a few minutes after starting the unit.
  • The hot air will be blown out only after the defrosting operation.

Symptom: Low efficiency of cooling or heating

Possible reason:

  • The air filters are too dirty.
  • The intake vent or outlet vent is blocked up.
  • In heating operation, the ambient temperature is too low. Defrosting operation may be required.

Symptom: Noise

Possible reason:

  • Water leak noise. It is the sound of the circulation of refrigerant.
  • Condensed air leaking out. In heating operation, during the defrosting, it is the sound of the back-flow refrigerant.

Symptom: Abnormality on the remote control screen

Possible reason:

  • Batteries need to be replaced.
  • Batteries are inserted incorrectly. Take the batteries out and insert them again.

Symptom: Cold water leaking from the air conditioner

Possible reason: Moisture will occur in the air outlet due to the temperature difference

Wiring Diagram

Shinco AC Outdoor Electric Wiring Diagram
Shinco AC Outdoor Electric Wiring Diagram

Manual Pdf

Shinco Air Conditioner Manual PDF 

*If you can't find the code you're looking for on our site, please let us know, and we'll update our database as soon as possible.

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  1. I have 2.2 message with all the other symbols lights up and the system just stop working. Can someone tell me what that means and how do I get it works again? I tried to remove the battery from the remote control and shut down the system and left it for a while and when I put the power back on and put the batteries back on the remote control the system doing the same thing again. Please help

  2. I have an e6 code, need to know where I can gets parts to repair inside or outside sensor or board for model#kfr-25gw/bmve.

  3. I recently had the E2 error code on 2 units a KFR-35GW/BMVE and KFR-50GW/BMVE. I recommend checking the refrigerant. Our’s was extremely low and having it filled/charged resolved the issue. In all of the Googling, this solution never came up.

    Initially the error code would come on and flipping the breaker off for 10 mins or so would reset it and it would work. Probably did this about 10 times every so often (like over weeks). Eventually this did not work and researching online led us to believe that either the indoor pipe sensor or indoor PCB was bad. Spent lots of time online trying to find these replacement parts to no avail. Was finally able to get a friend of a friend that is an A/C person to check them out and discovered the Freon was too low. Hope this helps someone else out there stuck with these “unserviceable” units.

  4. My Shinco after picking up and starts cooling, it shows Protection red light and it also stop cooling. How can i fix that problem?


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