Derby Air Conditioning Error Codes

Derby Air Conditioning Error Codes

Derby Air Conditioning Error Codes E0-E1-E2-E3-E4-E5-E6-P0-P1-P2-P4

Derby Air Conditioning Error Codes E0-E1-E2-E3-E4-E5-E6-P0-P1-P2-P4

Do not open the inlet grill of the product during operation. (Do not touch the electrostatic filter, if the unit is so equipped.)

There is risk of physical injury, electric shock, or product failure.

When the product is soaked (flooded or submerged), contact an Authorized service center.

There is risk of fire or electric shock.

Be caution that water does not enter the product.

There is risk of fire, electric shock, or product damage.

Ventilate the product from time to time when operating it together with a stove, etc.

There is risk of fire or electric shock. Turn the main power off when cleaning or maintaining the product.

There is risk of electric shock.

When the product is not be used for a long time, disconnect the power supply plug or turn off the breaker.

There is risk of product damage or failure, or unintended operation.

Derby Air Conditioner Manual PDF-1

Derby Air Conditioner Manual PDF-2

Derby Air Conditioner Manual PDF-3

11 Responses to Derby Air Conditioning Error Codes

  1. Keith Dunham says:

    I have a Derby Wall Mounted Split System air conditiner that requires a service.
    Can you recommend a Derby qualified technicial in or near St Marys 2760 NSW

    DWM-Z35 Item No 857603/4

  2. Chris says:

    Mate what does the letters
    EC mean on my derby air con ?
    Regards Chris

  3. Mark will says:

    What is e4 error code

  4. Lesley Langbein says:

    Hi my derby air con is showing error. E8. Could you please tell me what that means.

  5. Tim Woods says:

    have a customer with E8 fault code. removing power clears fault, but once turned on E8 fault code comes back. DERBY a/c inside model mod:DWMG-A35 outside mod:DWMZ-A35. please respond with what the fault relates to as your listed codes only go to E6. also have photos if need.

  6. Rusi says:

    I have E8 fault code on my Derby aAC removing power clears E8 code. After about 2min the code appears again.

  7. Rusi says:

    My derby is showing E8 error code. After cutting of power.and putting the power on E8 code appears again.

  8. Alyson McRitchie says:

    I have moved to a house with a derby ducted system. Can you please point me in the direction of a user manual? We don’t know how to use it and it seems to be stuck at 28 degrees! !!

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