TCL Air Conditioner Error Codes

Protection and Fault Codes;

TCL Air Conditioner Error Codes
TCL Air Conditioner Error Codes
Error CodesProblem
E0Indoor/outdoor communication fault
ECOutdoor communication fault
E1Room temperature sensor (IRT)
E2Indoor pipe (coil) temperature sensor (IPT)
E3Outdoor pipe (coil) temperature sensor (OPT)
E4System abnormal
E5Model configuration wrong
E6Indoor fan motor fault
E7Outdoor temperature sensor
E8Exhaust temperature sensor
E9Intelligent power module of drive and module fault
EFOutdoor fan motor fault (DC Motor)
EACurrent sensor fault
EPTemperature switch fault (on top of the compressor)
EUVoltage sensor fault
EHIntake temperature sensor
P1Overvoltage / undervoltage protection
P2Overcurrent protection
P4Exhaust overtemperature protection
P5Subcooling protection under cooling mode
P6Overheating protection under cooling mode
P7Overheating protection under heating mode
P8Outdoor overtemperature / undertemperature protection
P9Drive protection (software control )
P0Module protection (hardware control)

Protection and Failure Display;

  • When protection display is available, controller will show error code, digital LED shows error code and setting temperature by turns.
  • If there is more than one failure, it will show at first that in front of the error list.
  • Protection display function can be selected in hardware, and the default don’t display;
  • To insure of in and out communist is credibility, the failures relate to outdoor unit will remain failure state for 2 minutes max after recovered.
  • In all failures, only sensor failures don’t have to repower to cancel.

Error list;

TCL AC Error List

Protection display code list: 

TCL AC Display Code List

Outdoor failure display;

There is a LED on outdoor power board, when compressor is running; it is normally light; when no feedback of signal to power board from compressor, it will wink by lighting 1s and going out 1s. If failures happened, it will light 0.5s, go out 0.5s, winking several times and go out 3s for a cycle to indicate failures.

TCL AC Remote Controller
TCL AC Remote Controller

The failure list is the follow:

Wink time/Failure

1: IPM protection

2: higher or lower voltage

3: Over current

4: Discharge temperature too high

5: Outdoor coil temperature too high

6: Drive abnormity

7: Communication abnormity with indoor unit

8: Compressor over heat(switch on top of compressor)

9: Outdoor air temperature sensor failure

10: Outdoor coil temperature sensor failure

11: Outdoor discharge pipe temperature sensor failure

12: Voltage sensor failure

13: Current sensor failure

14: IPM abnormity

15: Outdoor communication abnormity

16: DC fan motor no feedback

17: defrosting

TCL Portable Air Conditioner Error Codes:

This appliance has a self diagnosis system to identify a number of malfunctions. If an error message is displayed, please refer to the below table.

TCL Portable Air Conditioner Error Codes
TCL Portable Air Conditioner Error Codes
Error CodesProblem
LtLow Temperature ( frost prevention). Action: The appliance is fitted with a frost protection device to avoid excessive formation of ice. The appliance starts up again automatically when the defrost process is completed.
PFProbe Failure ( sensor damaged). Action: If this is displayed, contact your local authorised service centre.
FtFull tank ( safety tank full). Action: Empty the internal safety tank.
ASIf the screen on the unit displays 'AS', the room temperature sensor has failed. Contact your Authorize Service Center.
ESIf the screen on the unit displays 'ES', the pipe temperature sensor has failed. Contact your Authorize Service Center.
P1If the screen on the unit displays 'P1', the water collection tank inside the unit should be full. If error repeats, contact your Authorize Service Center.



TCL Portable AC Error Codes List
TCL Portable AC Error Codes List

TCL Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Problem: Air conditioner will not start

Possible Causes:

  1. The air conditioner plug is not completely inserted into the electrical outlet.
  2. The fuse is blown or the circuit breaker has tripped.
  3. Power failure.
  4. P1  appears in the display.
  5. Room temperature is less than the set temperature.


  1. Make sure electrical plug is plugged completely into alive. properly grounded outlet.
  2. Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker. Make sure that there are no other appliances on the same circuit.
  3. If a powerfailure occurs, turn the power OFF. When power is restored, wait 3 minutes before restarting the air conditioner.
  4. The water collection tank is full. Drain the tank and reset your settings.
  5. This is normal. The air conditioner automatically shuts offwhen the room equals or is less than (Cool mode) or is more than (Heat mode)the set temperature. Adjust the temperature setting, if needed.

Problem: Air conditioner does not cool properly

Possible Causes:

  1. Airflow is restricted.
  2. The airfilter is dirty.
  3. The room is very hot, or not enough time allowed for cooling.
  4. Cold air is escaping.
  5. Cooling coils have iced up.


  1. Make sure there is sufficient clearance around the air conditioner and that the air inlet and outlet are not blocked.
  2. Clean the air filter at least every two weeks.
  3. When first turned on, allow the air conditioner sufficient time to cool the room.
  4. Check for open furnace.floor registersmold air returns, open windows or doors.
  5. In especially cool, humid weather and when the air conditioner is running frequently or for extended periods, ice can form on the cooling coils, blocking air flow. It is normal, please adjust the temperature higher and High fan speed.

Problem: Air conditioner runs too often or too long

Possible Causes:

  1. Area to be cooled is too large for the air conditioner.
  2. Doors or windows are open.


  1. Consult your dealer for the air conditioner capacity necessary to cool the desired area.
  2. Make sure doors and windows are closed.

Cleaning The Filters:

To keep your air oonditionerworking efficiently, you should clean the filters every week of operation. Grasp the upper panel tab and take off the filterwhioh behind the grill of the back panel as shown the rightfig. Wash the filter using liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water. Rinse filter thorougth Gently shake excess waterfrom the filter. Be sure filter is thoroughly dry before replacing. 0r, instead of washing you may vacuum the filter clean. Replace the filter after the filter is dry.

TCL Portable AC Cleaning The Filters
TCL Portable AC Cleaning The Filters

The eebinet and front may be dusted with an oiI-free cloth or washed with a cloth dampened in a solution of warm water and mild liquid dishwashing detergent. Never use harsh cleaners, wax or polish on the cabinetfront. Be sure to wring excess waterfrom the cloth before wiping around the controls. Excess water in or around the controls may cause damage to the air conditioner.

TCL Split Type AC Electrical Schematic Diagram
TCL Split Type AC Electrical Schematic Diagram


Wiring of Inverter Split AC Unit
Wiring of Inverter Split AC Unit

TCL Portable Air Conditioner Manual PDF


TCL Split Type AC Manual PDF


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