Fujitsu General Error Code



Code Error Contents
01 Indoor unit doesn’t accept signal from outdoor unit
02 Room temperature sensor open
03 Room temperature sensor short-circuited
04 Indoor heat exchanger temperature sensor open
05 Indoor heat exchanger temperature sensor short circuited
06 Outdoor heat exchanger temperature sensor
08 Power source connection error
09 Float switch operated
0A Outdoor temperature sensor error
0c Discharge pipe temperature sensor
11 Model abnormal/Indoor EPROM Abnormal
12 Indoor fan abnormal
13 Outdoor unit doesn’t accept the signal from indoor unit
14 Excessive outdoor pressure (permanent stop)
15 Compressor temperature sensor
16 Pressure switch error
17 IPM error
18 CT error
19 Active filter module (AFM) error
1A Compressor does not operate
1b Outdoor unit fan error
1c Communication error (inverter to multi controller)
1d 2 way valve sensor error
1E Expansion valve error
1F Connection indoor unit error


LED Error Contents

1 flash Communication error (Indoor unit to Outdoor unit)
2 flash Discharge pipe temperature sensor
3 flash Outdoor heat exchanger temperature sensor
4 flash Outdoor temperature sensor
7 flash Compressor temperature sensor
8 flash Heat sink temperature sensor
9 flash Pressure switch abnormal
12 flash IPM error
13 flash Compressor rotor position cannot detect
14 flash Compressor cannot operate/Start up error
15 flash Outdor fan abnormal (upper fan)
16 flash Outdoor fan abnormal (lower fan)


11 Outdoor communication signal error (Forward transfer signal error)
8 Outdoor discharge pipe temperature thermistor error
5 Outdoor heat exchanger temperature thermistor error
7 Outdoor temperature thermistor error
21 2-way valve temperature thermistor error
22 3-way valve temperature thermistor error
12 Compressor temperature thermistor error
19 Heat sink temperature thermistor error
13 Pressure switch error
23 Connected indoor unit error
14 IPM error
17 Compressor rotor location cannot detect(permanent stop)
20 Compressor Start-up error (permanent stop)
18 Outdoor unit fan motor error
24 Main CPU – sub CPU communication error
32 4-way valve error

 Fujitsu General Error Code PDF

22 Responses to Fujitsu General Error Code

  1. Abdullah Sherazi says:

    i have been using fujitsu general split type air conditioner Model= ASG18 ABC-W
    when i switch it on today,it was short and the outdoor unit and the grills of the split A/C has a current and the compressor is not starting. can u guys help me plz… waiting for a positive reply. im in pakistan and i love General A/C’s.
    please E.Mail me the solution

    • imtiyas mm says:

      i have the problems model number AOS60(5ton)capacity of general duct type split ac,it hasbeen running good condition.but after 15minutes it will stop aotomaticaly and coming error message in the remote and LED1is displaying contineusly at the out door unit. please send me a e mail how to solve it.thankyou

  2. mehdi says:


    I have ogeneral air conditioner split model ASG30ABC-W
    during runing E4 comes.
    what this error?
    and how can solve this problem

  3. reza says:

    i have o general cooler it after 1 minute goes on E4 error can any help me . thank you

  4. M ALI says:

    we have the problem when our ut door unıt takes start then tımer gets on but out door does not take start

  5. Mahdi says:

    Hi F1?

  6. hitesh singhal says:

    when i put my ac in cooling mode ,the comp. doesn’t work .
    after some time automatically the ac gets off n display an error EC .
    please suggest me what EC stands for

  7. naeem raza says:

    i have o genral split ac model no; asgg 12jlca does not compressor and outer fan. not blinking LED and nothing error.thanks

  8. mani says:

    modal ASGA24JCC

  9. saif rizvi says:

    I want all vrf error cod list in my email id

  10. kamya Gerald says:

    That’s good

  11. Gopi says:

    Hi sir I am india , Chennai ac tech, what is the error code 9 flash I general 410 gas pls sir

  12. Mohammed abdunnasir.K says:

    sir i need to error code of This air conditioner, Model Number AWG36ABA-W
    Serial NumberT 025687

  13. Jhosua says:

    Hi.use a.c general(r-22)model abg45rgb3w the operation led flash5 rest 5 sec.the timer led flashing allways.outdr unit dosent work.thank you..

  14. osama says:

    I hav ogenral sport split runing for 5 mintes and stop automaticaly and runing agine …what the solution

  15. james says:

    Model AOU24RLXFZ error code 76. outside unit not working.

  16. fayegheh says:

    I have general to solve E4 code ?

  17. Manan says:

    asga12bmta model there are 6 time red light blinking. what is the error in it?

  18. Abu bakar siddique says:

    General cassette type 2.5 ton ac same time run when compress run after same time timer signal on off all time then ac no work and ac remote no signal. pls help me how to operated the ac.

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