Hisense Air Conditioner Error Codes

Press the high power for 4 times in a row and the trouble codes listed below will be displayed.

0 No trouble

1 Outdoor coil temperature sensor in trouble

2 Compressor temperature sensor in trouble

3 Voltage transformer in trouble

4 Current transformer in trouble

5 IPM module protection

6 Over and under-voltage control

7 Communication trouble

8 Current overload control

9 Maximum current control

10 Communication trouble (between outdoor unit and driver unit)

11 Outdoor EEPROM in trouble

13 Compressor exhaust temperature too high control

14 Outdoor ambient temperature sensor in trouble

15 Compressor housing temperature control

16 Anti-freeze or overload control

18 DC compressor fails to start

19 DC compressor out of step

33 Room temperature sensor in trouble

34 Indoor coil temperature sensor in trouble

35 Between wire remote controller and indoor unit communication trouble

36 Communication between the indoor and outdoor in trouble

37 Water overbrimmed the pump

38 Indoor EEPROM in trouble

39 Indoor fan motor operation abnormal

40 Grid protection alarm (cabinet type)

41 Detecting failures by zero-crossing

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